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Former DHA-2 (Sectors K-Q) and Emaar.

Now DHA- Phase 5 Islamabad.

This thread is dedicated to DHA phase 5 Islamabad UPDATES on price, developments and growth of population, commercial areas, schools, colleges, clubs, facilities etc.

This thread was initially created to discuss sectors k,l,m,n,P and q of dha phase 2 Islamabad zone V. These sectors K-Q and DHA Emaar Canyons have now been clubbed together and renamed as a single new phase of Defence Islamabad:- DHA Phase 5.


    2049 days ago In Residential Schemes
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    Nadeem Ahmed
    (4507 posts)
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    Dear Pardesi,

    About Commoners,

    From the developers of Commoners Town Phase-I and Phase-II (now part of DHA Phase-II and Phase-II extension, Islamabad) comes another marvel – Commoners Sky Gardens! Commoners Sky Gardens Project has already offered Commoners Flower Valley (CFV) and Commoners Dream Valley (CDV).For more information. Http://


    If you travel from Islamabad highway to Rawat A to H and J block at your right side and Dha phase2 K,L,M,N,P,Q at you left side.

    First entry Liaquat ali khan BLVD 130ft wide.

    Second entry Expressway 150ft wide when you traval on expressway commercial belt and all blocks at your left side except P block because P will at your right side.

    When you travel Liaquat ali khan BLVD K block will come first at your left side and L will your right side.

    Liaquat ali khan BLVD will division at roundabout to Johar BLVD 130ft wide.At Johar BLVD N will your right side when it will turn right and left road wide will short to 100ft M block will front of you.

    Dha phase2 K,L,M,N,P,Q blocks design by Commoners but developed by Habib Rafiq construction under Dha.(Some of modified by Dha)

    You can compare old and new map of Dha phase2.

    I think development standard is in plus(just my opinion)

    I am not very sure about date when they hand over.

      2029 days ago 

      (333 posts)
      Good one! I mean the Facebook Page...
        2049 days ago 

        Shahzad Khan
        (1 post)
        What is the price of 10 marla plot in Sectors K to P?
          2048 days ago 

          As U wish
          (362 posts)
          Good thread creation Pardesi Bhai
            2048 days ago 

            (87 posts)
            I think there is a Q block in phase 2 also?
              2048 days ago 

              (3020 posts)
              No Q block. In fact O block is also missing. From N directly to P.No Q block.
                2047 days ago 

                Chaudhry Fah..
                (219 posts)
                Is gas supply available in these sectors?
                  2046 days ago 

                  (3020 posts)
                  Yee there is gas supply in K and L.
                    2046 days ago 

                    (419 posts)
                    What about water and electricity at K sector ?
                      2046 days ago 

                      (158 posts)
                      What is the average price of 10 Marla in 'N' BLOCK ?

                      Is there any development going on in 'N' Block ?

                      Is N block good for investment purposes ?

                      are there some developed and non-developed areas in N block ?
                        2045 days ago 

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