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What are the future prospects of i-12 sector islamabad? Cda has announced auction of commercial plots with a slogan "buy today & built today" but on ground there is no development work at all, is it the sign of development work to be start in near future or just a selling technique?

Is it better to keep 30x60 plot or sell and buy some where else? Please advise

    2166 days ago In Govt Housing Schemes
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    Sir cda is master at making allotees fool by passing such beautiful slogans.They are so incapable that they cannot even complete the expansion of kashmir highway within the given time frame.I-12 is a very long term project.They have not even developed d-12,how will they start development in i-12.My recommendation would be to sell it and buy something in zone 1 if u have a handsome amount with you.
      2166 days ago 

      Prop Guide
      (6961 posts)
      As per my little knowledge, the development work was going very well in i-12 sector. Some experts with direct info may correct me if i am wrong.
        2165 days ago 

        (128 posts)
        Cda map of commercial plots shows the area which is i-12/1, is it possible cda can convert the residential allotment into commercial? In that case what will happened to the owners of plots in i-12/1?

          2164 days ago 

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            2164 days ago 

            (128 posts)
            Is there any update of I-12 sector Islamabad?
              2135 days ago 

              (77 posts)
              Can any one update on 1-12 sector
                1890 days ago 

                (610 posts)
                CDA agar is jaga ko develop kr bhi lay still the area is very close to slums and pindi. Location ki waja say I-12 Will remain unlucky.

                Rest ALLAH knows best
                  1890 days ago 

                  (1 post)
                  I have heard the plots rate in i-12 have decreased. Any chance of increase in rates in coming months?
                    1804 days ago 

                    (344 posts)
                    I-12 Sector is even after 252 days non-possession area and affected people are still living there. CDA announced the tender and dealers sold the plots on good rates and again it is dumped.

                    Anybody doubtful, please visit Metro and this area is close by to NUST.
                      1552 days ago 

                      (1015 posts)
                      Ejaz Sb.. It's not that bad.. CDA has possession of I-12 and tender was recently passed to make the main roads leading to markaz. A senior official of CDA told me that they have possession of it and development will start soon. I heard from someone that work has started, prices have shot up already. Can someone else put their input on this? Nevertheless, the location of I-12 is brilliant.
                        1551 days ago 

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