Agricultural land appraisal in jhelum

I'm a pakistani canadian living in toronto, canada. I have agricultural land in jhelum that i would like to appraise. How do i go about doing that while being overseas? I would appreciate any advice/feedback. Thank you kindly.


Dear Mr. Baig,

Being an overseas Pakistani, belonging from Jhelum and having had the chance to purchase and sell agricultural land myself, I'd like to share my experience.

Firstly, there is no concrete value assessment method in practice particularly for the agri lands. Before I made my offer to purchase a piece of land, I did inquire about the D.C. Value of the land (in acres/kanals). I then, tried to find if there was any transaction happened in the vicinity in the recent past to assess the market price. I calculated the median price based on the these criterion and made my offer. And, ofcourse I did try to find multiple sellers in the vicinity to get a good bargain.

Let me know If you need any help since I am here for the EID holidays.

P.s: I also did take in to account the factors like Type of Land (Soil Testing), Access to the Land, Access to the Utility Services (like Electricity) and Water Availability etc