Airport and zone-2 properties

How will f-18, eighteen, b-17, mpchs farms etc. Benefit in 2-3 years

They all are good , but I dont see any price increase other than if RRR get started...
Personally I dont like this area much due to heavy duty traffic like containers, Trucks and Loaders 24/7. Hard to drive in that part of GT Road, Fateh Jang road and Chakri Road...

I wonder what happened to the hype of Top City MC and others riding in airport

A few preliminaries (avoiding confusion for some of us)

- All these 18 are beyond CDA. They are in RDA, TMA or etc. CDA current zoning and sector limit ends at 17-series

- B-17 is only blocks A, B, C, D (Partial), rest E, F, G etc are not B-17 but MPCHS blocks/sector outside CDA.

Regarding appreciation: In a real estate market that is same as that of stock market, news/rumors/vibes matter more then the actual happenings. E.g., Properties skyrocketed in the name of the new Airport but after inauguration, almost at stand still.

Some maximised Airport factor, some will do it for RRR, some in the name of CPEC route, some did and will the Margalla Avenue. Thats basically almost whole of the twin city proximity.

When the factor itself gets expired, time arrives for developer to develop and deliver on promise (the hardest bit), disappointments for customer and excuses for developer begins.

Bottom line is, best ones are those who know when to plug in and when to pull out the investment.

We will hear now a days more RRR, then CPEC, occasional Margalla Avenue, trying to revive some dead horses until the real development begins. You can input the societies (in the equation of RRR, CPEC route and Margalla Avenue) to get some guesstimates, whichever project(s)!

ps: On a similar note, 18 seems like another Canyon Views (Emaar) in the making, perhaps!

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I prefer, contextualised details, may be many here don't, absolutely makes sense. There are news & there are editorials having different authors, mindset, and readership! To me, explaining 'benefits/limitations' etc. with repeated one liners/half-cooked can be a turn-off but they have their value for sure. Many inbox me asking to write/provide them more info.

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Imtiaz Sb!

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AS this thread is about Zone 2, I would like to know if F 17 Multi (F 17/3) value going up in near future?
2. For short term investment, which one could appreciate more in 1 to 2 years, I 16 or F 17?

Thank you

For me:

F-17 is quite decent but somehow remain a bit under valued/appreciated. If near future refers to anything from 6+ to 10 months, not really (as per market trends). Unless there is some good development/happenings inside the project, no one knows. Location ideal vs non-ideal is debatable.

I-16 to see better (expected) growth then F-17. Main reasons, link road carpeting from I-14 to I-16 by CDA and CDA tenders for work initiation in I-15. I-16 has been on s stall from last 1 year in terms of development and price growth now there is a slight movement in terms of access road carpeting, few houses construction/foundation work and nominal increase of price depending on location.

welcome for factual corrections, in case any obvious has been missed.

Imtiaz sb ur posts are very helpful. I got alot of insight by reading your answers.

Imtiaz sb and Everyone else,

thanks a lot. Actually I am planning to invest some 20 million+ in real
Estate. Was thinking of a 10 Marla plot in DHA 2 and one or two 30*60 plots in I 16 or I 14. Your advice please

Good options. If any money is left, not likely though, then buy one 8 Marla balloted plot in DHA valley Oleander or Lilly block.
DHA is awaked now and started handing over blocks piece by piece. Dhadhoocha dam funds have been announced. Balloted plots will appreciate but 1-2 years time anticipated.

My view on real estate investment is that, generally smaller the assets, more demand and more liquidity (easier to sell off). 5 Marlas can yield better return on investment then their larger counterparts (7, 10 Marla etc.).

- DHAs have been almost all season winner, safe secure and good for market-driven investments as well as for living. My knowledge on DHAs is very limited so I will leave that opinion to other forumers.

- I-14/I-16 have seen good rise from Jan 2018 to Jun 2018 and after that till Apr 2019 the Market remained at stand still. Since April afterwards, there is a slow but growing interest in I-14/16 and more importantly I-15. Main reasons are:

- Development tenders for I-14/15
- Link Road Carpeting
- Rawalpindi Ring Road (long awaited initiation)
- I-17 as proposed Medical City
- Nearby societies in I-14/16 proximity.

In simple:

- 1 to 2 Yrs Investment and Future Living = 1-14
- 2+ Yrs good returns and possible living = I-16
- Short Term investment = I-15 as its gona get development started this year, as per CDA.

I Personally think I-15 is bit too exaggerated, the gap between i-15 and 16 is very narrow now with the tag of uncertainty. Safest is to go for I-16, even 1-14 juice is almost dried. The time 8 marla will cross above 10 million in I-14, the preference of G-14 and even 15 will pop up as both having much better location compare to 1-14.

True, as far as I-15. This is why I-15 is for ones who can switch off and on frequently. The day any machines got deployed in I-15, prices will for sure see some escalation (the market trend/hype). Afterwards, once the dust get settled growth will be slower and proportional to development speed (an area where CDA is pathetic).

In coming months investor game lies in I-15, end buyer to go for 14/16. Rest is gamble of RRR and other alike stuff to shake up all of the those 3 in I-series.


For right or wrong reasons, CDA sectors can be like a vine, the older that gets, the finer it becomes (increased demand). From jungle to among the most expensive residential and or commercial (even with broken stuff). One just need to have the nerves to live up with CDA's absurdity. Go for possession/land acquired stuff in CDA, only, if one wants to get something out within same generation.

Dear M Ali,

CDA is always better option for good return because of good location and for living Dha and Bahria are top of the list.

1:DHA Phase-3

2:Bahria Phase-8 developed blocks

3:B-17 B,C,E

4:Gulberg Green

5:I sectors


One of my friends has told me That there is a 10% capital gain tax on selling a plot before holding it for 10 years. So, according to him, there may be no actual gain, rather a possibility of loss or stuck investment, in short term (1 year+). Is there any such thing?
Thank you experts!

In simple word the CGT will be on the profit or income one will make by selling any property, the percentage of CGT will be calculated as normal income tax as per the attached table.

Its not something different then previous times but earlier this was zero if one was selling property after 3 years, now its zero only if one selling after 10 years for the plots and 5 years for the constructed houses. Moreover now the valuation table of the property are closer to the real market value.

The target seems to increase tax net + documented economy + take out black money + encourage constructions

"Moreover now the valuation table of the property are closer to the real market value."

Sohail Bhai, with due respect, not the case in so many instances. Few examples of day light blunder in valuation already shared:

RDA (FOECHS) & CDA (I-14/I-10) as very prime examples. Rest you can see the list to see for yourself.

Coupled with Amnesty scheme, more black money can flow in real estate once the Amnesty Avail amount paid and money/asset whitened to inject into Real Estate.

Not to forget the Capital Value Tax to be collected as well.

The claim is to make it as closer market value as possible.

Yes more black money can flow in but will be documented and taxed. This is the main target.