AWT Commercial

How much is market price for 20x32 commercial plot in small market of AWT block H?

Depending on location it should be between 25-30 lakhs.

Sir aaj kal market kuch down hey... Uss hisaab sey thora kum nai hona chaihye. And do u recommend this investment in H block (You are the expert of AWT so please give me your best best opinion) after discussion with someone if you want.

Baloch sb you are correct. I have had a discussion with a couple of dealers, because commercials have not usually been my area of interest and I have never invested in commercial plots myself. H Block has two mini commercial markets. Depending on where you buy in them, you can get a 71 gazz commercial plot starting from as little as Rs 18 lakhs and prices go up to Rs 25 lakhs.

According to the people I have spoken to, the top choice for commercials presently is the markaz, although its far more expensive also. This is because currenly there are relatively few buyers of mini commercials and so these plots are not as easy to dispose off as compared to residential.

Personally I don't consider the mini commercials to be a great option in AWT either. This is because in my view, mini commercials are more successful when the main markaz is located far away. AWT is a relatively small society and the Markaz is well and truly right in the middle. So if you ask for my honest advice, I would not recommend buying in mini commercials, at least at this stage, when there is hardly any population. Rest you can use your own judgement and see if you agree with me or not.