AWT D-18 Prices Going Up. Interchange Works In Full Swing

I noticed that since Monday the prices in D-18 are going up. Is that due to interchange completion nearing. The dealers are saying prices will nearly double once interchange is open as it will attract a lot buyers from KPK. I want to buy 10 Marla plots. Is it a good time to invest?

Yes interchange is main reason interchange is expected in march this is right time to invest hopefuly it will increase 4 to 5 lac after interchange inshallah

Whats the plan of this interchange..its connecting?? and what all property is having positive affects due to its construction..any 1 who can share for the betterment of public...?

Ibrahim bhai that's correct. It's good time to buy 10 marla plots and make quick profit

I agree that prices of AWT will certainly increase after the opening of interchange. Very good investment in my view. Work on interchange is in full swing.


This interchange will connect morterway traffic to margalla road its good to invest there even its good for islamabad mpchs orchards and b17

Thanks for the update.

I think it's best to pick up plots in H block (10 marla). There is ample room for growth. What I like about AWT is that it's not a bubble. All possession plots on ground. Just access problem which will be solved once interchange is ready. BTW they are taking money from plot owners. One last installment of I think rs 6000 is left towards the construction cost of interchange

So what is current rate of 10 marla plot in AWT? Is development better than FOECHS?

It is a good investment rite now, rates will increase in near future.

What are the current rates though?

Please some body update what is the price of 10 marla?which block is good for investing 4 to 5million?

10 marla h block is about 16+. Other blocks near the interchange are 20+

But AWT still does not have direct access to neither motorway nor GT road. Will it have hindrance on increase in prices of society.

There's access to GT road via separate road and it's just a matter of few minutes.

Today visited awt in detail interchange work is in full swing currently working on awt to motorway entrance not motorway to awt. Well excluuding this access there is no good or major acces of awt as u have to come via sangjani bazar on a village road or 2nd way is to cross d 17 and d 18. There is no major construction some of dealers are there it will take time however prices will improve just because of this interchange good location 10 marla plot price is around 2 to 2.2 million near to main double road, before investing in awt also visit echs d-18 location and development wise its better but drawback is that 90 percent plots are 600 sq yards plots small options are very rare in echs.

So what are prices of ECHS Syed saab of both small and big plots? Is it same with possession etc...?

Ibrahim bhai what's the price in h block (10 marla) ?

In H block price is from 14 to 16 lacs depending on the location for 10 marla size In C block from 16 to 18 lacs In B block 22+ lacs

AWT prices will almost certainly double by July next year for those who bought plots there in July this year or before that. I remember positing a very strong recommendation back at that time for prospective investors to buy. Those who buy now will likely see a return of 50-60% in this timeframe, as prices have been slowly creeping up since. There are a few more facts I can share:

  1. Its one of the only two societies with centralized water supply and no need for boring. They have their own tubewells plus guaranteed supply from Sundaymar dam.Water supply will become a big factor in the coming future.

  2. Its one of the only 2-3 societies in this zone with Existing gas supply.

  3. The society is providing financial benefits through some of its registered dealers to prospective builders, such as providing certain quantity of free Askari cement bags on starting construction. Construction activity is expected to takeoff after interchange opening, as about 10-12 buyers have already taken onsite possession of their plots. D-block will lead the way, so its also the most expensive.

If you are thinking AWT, there is still time to make a good return on your investment, but be wise in choosing the location of your plot, it will pay you well, InshAllah.