Awt phase 2

Please guide for the current worth of awt phase 2. Till what limit the plot value of 10 marla can go.Whether ring road will affect its value or not.

10 marla best block is close to canal and rawind road and so D block is best. And in D plots which are close to canal side and main road . After D block e1,e2,c1 and e .

price in D block must be between 45 to 54 . 45 for plots on boundary or near E block and 54 for 60 ft road or plots near to canal side plots in lane 600 720 are excellent lane . Near 50 are 500 and 400 lane good to . 45 for boundary or e block near . 8 to ten lac increase after ring road .

Dear Mr. Asad,

Thanks for your information.

Will you please guide the right time at which I should sell my Plot at AWT Phase 2 In E-1 Block.