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Dear seniors

I need advice, i have around 6 to 6.5 million and want to but 10 marla in bahria enclave for living and constructing in 5 years time. Should i buy file for this much money as i am not going to construct soon.


M chaudhry

@Chaudhry sb,

If you like BE for living, then yes, this is the right time to book a plot, but only go for the land that Bahria has acquired, better if it is possession-able. Any disputed land will put your house construction plans to indefinite wait.

Visit the area, select location, and make your move. Tell us when you close a deal.

Good luck.

Qaiser sb, If my memory served me well, I remember your query about same topic some 1 - 2 years ago.

-- The Bad News: Nothing useful available as 10 Marla in that budget (at max some 7 or 8 Marla) :(

-- The Good News: BE prices pretty much at stand still since then and you haven't missed the train :)

For personal living it's exceptional and a rise in BE is long due ... (Why not for long, remains a mystery) 0_0

All in all, avoid the file, Go for Possesion only as BT/MR not yet out of their miseries

Good Luck for whatever ultimate decision ...


BE might be a good place for living but its definitely not a good place for investment. Golden rule for Bahria is never ever buy a non-possession plot otherwise your investment will be stuck. Telling you this from my personal experience cuz my investment in three of BE plots is stuck for the last 4-5 years and their prices have even come down since then and I can only sell them at a loss now

Yes Arshad sb, since 2017 BE is stuck. However, not to forget people did made fortunes out of BE. Its about cycles. Even CDAs remain stuck mostly from 2018 - mid 2020 (selling was easy but prices stagnant).

However, fact is that BE is missing the current boom big time!

Certainly, what's good/best for personal living, in many cases might not be good for investment ... it's all about the purpose!

Imtiaz you are right. But the problem with BE is that they are very slow in development ( I believe every one else is too) and there are land litigation issues. The plots I bought were all dues clear but non-possession at that time. It means Bahria would have sold them long ago before I purchased them in the open market. I was been told by dealers at that time that these will get developed in a year time. Now after 4-5 years that area is still non-developed and I’ve come to know now that there is some litigation/possession issue with that area. So the point I was trying to make is that one should completely abstain from investing in a non-possession plot in BE.

'So the point I was trying to make is that one should completely abstain from investing in a non-possession plot in BE.'

Agreed in totality, in particular BE, Gulberg.

For living purpose BE is very good. However, when the prices are stand Still for last few years there is a chance that the prices will pick up at any point in time. As rightly mentioned above, only go for possession plots there.

Also, you can consider the new launch of Gulberg Residencia block F ext. It is available on lump sum payment and very near to D markaz. Gulberg is saying that the development will kick off very soon there. Need some research about this but sounds lucrative.

Agreed, this is usually happening in property business when prices remains stable for sometime, then the jump is expected for on ground property.

@qaiser you can buy a semi-developed plot in this range. BE Sector F and N are good but you need to increase your budget a little bit.

@khalid if GB is going to offer buy 1 get 1 free then still it’s a frightening deal. Only possession plots are good there.

GR files are a nightmare for those who pursue their house to be built through those files.

However, fact is rarely anyone lost or got stuck with GR files, balloted plots or possession plots. Some projects are fantastic for investment, pathetic for end-buyers and vice versa ...

We all assume Bahria encalve is ideal for living , and recently i was also having plan to build a house over there , but one thing which really put me on hold is , 5 times a day you need to start your car to go near by mosque as in complete sector A , B1 and B2 which are fully developed sectors , i think there are hardly two or three mosques. There is no day in which you need to go to nearby shop to get some items for that you always need a car. I am not sure how bahria admin can ignore such issues… In evening time if you have no car or it is not available due to some reason , i was not able to book a car by uber or careem as mob app was showing no near by taxi available in the area(it was 10Pm)

Hafiz sb
Think of the situation, Allah Forbid, you need an emergency health care and need to go to Islamabad...more than 25 km in veerana in odd hours night drive...
Or a female family member coming home in late veerana...
Or pathetic machlee mundi like driving through the curi road village which is being exaggerated every month which passes by...
BE is very nice inside but not going up only on the access road...

Hafiz sb, very valid concern and yes lack of mosques in BE as per it's size that needs to be considered by BE or whoever runs the show there. Access for sure needs improvement and there are glitches here and there. Let me be the devil's advocate with a few of the facts.

-- Commercials: CDA for grant of NOC asked BE to surrender lots of commercials. This is why you can see in last 2 years those surrendered commercials have been launched as residential in limited new deals and BE got Gas approval and in pre stages of formal announcement of NOC. For commercials BE has since than tried to adopt a similar approach with central commercial in the name of Civic Zone (pretty much on same lines as Civic Center). Yes, in principal there needs to be a systematic spread of Commercial to facilitate residents and not too surplus that it gets devalued.

-- Hospital Building within BE has been at advanced stages. Though I havent visited in last 1+ year to see where exactly it stands now. The magnitude of building looks some serious stuff.

-- Access, considering BT projects is good in one way and bad in another. Good in a sense that you rarely get stuck heavy GT road traffic or Pindi roads commute that can be very exhaustive, time consuming and Gas Burner in your vehicle. Bad in a sense that the place after dark hours is not gives one a safe feel to travel through. However not to undermine the fact that the area and population is growing. Once this entire 'Travel Through Jungle' sort road have now CDAs Park Enclaves, Private Societies, PVC, IMT, Ufone etc. The potentially problematic area for travel at night time has been reduced from that petro pump (Attock Petro I guess) to PVC entrance. In that patch of land, a university was planning to be built (Hamdard University, I guess) but that plan was called off.

All in all yes, more Masjids, better organized commercials, and patch of land that needs it be monitored/guarded at night time.

@Imtiaz bro,

Looks like you haven't been to BE recently. I would recommend you take 2 trips. One in day time and another in late night after 1.00 am and share you experience with the fellow members here. If you can't, then depute someone to do on your behalf. I have travelled many times around 2 am and found no reason for concern.

Also check master plan of zone 4 and locate Kuri Model Town and 2 public university sites (other than Hamdard and Federal Urdu).

@Hafiz sb, plz look at the map to find locations of masjid, shops and other amenities before you buy plot. Masjids are in every sector. Hospitals will take time, although building is ready but the group (Saudi-German, I believe) has ran away. The clown is looking for another. Also, there is Bahria dispensary and stand by ambulance to attend emergencies.

For shops there will be commercials everywhere. In fact, you'll feel suffocated with commercials as you do in Ph.8. Very very aesthetically displeasing indeed.

Uber will remain an issue until adequate population. But Bahria shuttle runs every hour, and ample taxis standing at BE gate till late. Plus you can get phone numbers of local trusted villager taxi walas to call on demand.

I would suggest you speak to some residents. They are very friendly and love to share their excitement and experience.

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BE feels vibrant, much like Ph.8. Many young people or families with young kids starting their lives.

It's not like DHA Rwp, which is full of dead-wood retirees.

"It's not like DHA Rwp, which is full of dead-wood retirees"
Very interesting indeed!
Partly true, too..?
BE inside is second to none but will take decades for the full access road being fear-free. Curi model town papulation & more traffic through the village will further worsen the bottleneck, unfortunately!


I have been following Bahria Enclave first hand and currently prospects are high as their LOP (Layout Plan) has been approved a few months ago which is a pre-requisite to the revised approved NOC.

All encroachments have been highlighted and re-possessed by CDA and some area of land has been amicably handed to Bahria as an amicable solution for 3rd party (End users / businessmen) so as to facilitate them. Hence plot prices have recently increased due to these factors.

In your range, you are marginally close to Sector-M 10 marla possessionable plot and prices are (75-85 lac). This price was in 65-80 range less than a year back.

Near to possession plots (within 1 year - 1.5 years) are in range (52-62 lac) in sector P, adjacent to sector M.

Summarizing, the status is well above stable and the future ahead is bright, HOWEVER as always it a steady process with a 10% annual increase formula.

@Usman, thanks for the insight bro. Few questions for further clarity:

1. Any news on much-touted NOC. When is that going to be issued?

2. Is LOP approved for all sectors, or just for A, B and C?

3. Is sui gas provided to sector A houses?

4. Is M sector better than F and F1, if yes then why?

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