Bahria enclave help and advise

Salam seniors, i would greatly appreciate if you could provide your valuable advise. Bahria enclave is one of the areas i have short-listed to purchase my first property. I can arrange around 15 - 20 million, in which i would need the plot plus entire construction and finishing. I will be doing on-ground research once lockdown is eased, but i had a few questions: 1. Which sector in bahria enclave should i go for? I would need security as family would be at home. 2. I wanted to go for a 10 marla (for future investment return, rent, etc) but we're a small family (3 people). Would this be feasible to do? 3. On average how much can i save building he house myself (through a contractor) vs purchasing a ready made house? I will be posting follow-up questions as i dig deeper into bahria enclave. Thank you so much!

Sector A would be expensivs but it is fully saturated and feels conjested. Sectors C1, C2, C3 have better layout and openness. Sector G is bit far off but has good 8 marla options, these are all live-able with ample population. N has some houses. F is also promising but no house as yet. It would be your (and your family's) taste and choice, but I would prefer C1. Anyone disagrees? Security in BE is no issue, you can live anywhere, populated or not. Talk to some residents randomly, they can share their living experience. Everyone I spoke to had nothing but praises. You can easily save upto 2 million if build your own 10 marla. But go for a solid (cutting) and level plot as Bahria is ruthless about structural safety and a "filling" wala plot can waste anything from 2 to 5 millions easily. So do not compromise there.

Isloo sir excellent advice though but as I am working there as a realtor and builder my first and the only preference will be sector A(according to his scenario) secondly sector A has good rental value.. Plus now a days property is down one can find the beautiful location plot in cheap price.. Regarding construction you can pay same amount of money (map+possession) charges to bahria before construction same in sector A or C1 or other 10 Marla plota

@ Waleed Currently Bahria Enclave is a stagnant project. Malik Sahab has also lost interest in B.E as their focus is towards Bahria Karachi. Big security issues are also there; example is theft in Mezan Bank (infront of Zoo) a few months back which resulted in loss of Millions of rupees. Do your homework before buying a plot there. Construction cost is also quite much inside Bahria as compared to the cost outside.

Yes, BE is stagnant but so is the case for each of the BT and for that sake DHs and almost all. CDA is somehow doing OK. After KHI, one of the priority of BT is BE, reasons: - Roads, Infarstructure, etc. takes lot of developers money and effort. That's been done it's about keep developing underdeveloped land and keep selling. - Development in Stagnant sectors, New Payment Plans, clearance from CDA, Head Office opening means BT is interested. Yes, BE may not be the project to go for investment but for sure is for quality living. Location is not ideal but still improving and way better than any of the BTs & DHs in ISB/RWP. PVC & Park Enclave proximity will have positive impact on BE. Having said that, if one likes to buy, adding to what isloo mentioned - 10 Marla: A, C1 - 8 or 5 Marla: B, N - 5 Marla: G, H, I Constructing own house can be effort/time-intensive but is cost-effective and more qualitative! **Only Possession ones (ready to construct) are suggested, no matter even if MR himself ask you to go otherwise

How much is the construction cost per sqft nowadays in BE? Govt has removed the WHT condition so definitely it's a good time to build a house.

Bahria Enclave is among best options for personal living in Islamabad. However, in terms of investment it is not suggested at the moment due to ongoing property situation and MR/Bahria priorities. The focus of MR/Bahria would be to strengthen Bahria Karachi and to sell new projects like Bahria Peshawar in the future. If you are aiming to invest in property to get handsome returns, you may consider CDA Sectors. Follow CDA website/ FB Page for recent developments and decisions upon under development sectors for that. Consider i-12,E-12,I-15 in particular. For Bahria Enclave, its best time to get something for future home as the prices are more or less the same or even down as compared to past 3-5 years. I totally agree with Imtiaz Sb. To only purchase the possession plots. Regards, Khalid

Thank you guys. One more question: will the entrance to bahria enclave improve anytime in the future? Currently it's a big hassle and I worry about late night traveling if I get something there..

Patch from Park Road entrance to Enclave, yes for sure. That's a PWD in the making as that happened with BT RWP. Added factors of Park Enclave, Park View and many private developers. A couple of years ago after 8:00 pm one would most probabaly not want to travel even if escorted by other vehicles! Potential isdue remains in patch from Petrol Pump to PVC entrance (though no incidence and hope it's Never) That area is still the best ISB has to offer in that price range. It's the new Airport Factor that switched investment and focus to Zone 2. Economic meltdown also didn't helped otherwise that area (PE, BE, PVC) was the booming till 2016...

There is one more entrance which is planned to be opening soon, located right in front of COMSATS. It is dedicated to BE and will benefit Sector C1,C2 the most. Its on BE when they goona open that Gate and officially announce that.

Hello All, I'm also interested in purchasing a plot in Bahria enclave but my family wants something closer to the I-10 to 14 Sectors. Does anyone have any recommendations?

G-13 to G-16 all are very accessible from i-10 to 14.

I-14 is possession area, you can build your house there. I-16 is also with possession but less populated at the moment as compared to I-14. You can also consider Westridge, Peshawar Road area with better commute to I-10 and twin cities

Dear Experts, Is there any update on the litigation area of BE? I bought 8 Marla plot in J Block in 2016 and recently came to know that the area is under litigation, no development no possession and uncertain future. Also if you can guide me how to resolve this issue with BE.

Litigation area in BE exists and there is no chance in near future to get this resolved. You should visit BE Head Office, and ask them that you want to take a possession and need to construct personal house. The best outcome would be that they would accommodate you in some other sector having some development.