Bahria Hills Islamabad

Regarding bahria hills islamabad (formerly known as bahria enclave 2):

Is it a good option for investment?

I am concerned about the road access there as it goes through bhara kahu which is not good.

Any guidance please? Thanks

As per my information Bahria is going to launch bahria Hill soon (formerly enclave 2). Resources told that price of plot will be high end per marla around 10 lac (roughly).

Any expert shed light on road access .

No one will buy at 10 lac per marla, except touttttts of MR to create a fake market. Fully developed plots are abundantly available at cheaper rates in Enclave 1.

I think Enclave 1 is still much better investment option than Bahria Hills.

They are presenting this project as high end resort type scheme in the hills... Similar to Golf City project....

Yes, rates will be high..... The current access through Barakahu is not good indeed for daily travel to Islamabad during rush hours... It is pretty congested road... It will also have some narrow access through simlydam road and then connected to BE-1..... Lets see, how it goes.


@ Mr. Khan

Where is bahria hills located?

It is between Angori road, simly dam road and Golf city.


Dear Khan,

Any official launch news? I have a BE-2 file for a kanal, hope i will merge it in hills if it proves a good investment.


No official news as yet.... However, development work is in progress on site....

Hope for the best.


@ Mr. Khan, please advise if this is BE2 taking finally some destination or no link with BE2 and its completely new launch.

This new project has nothing to do with existing BE2 files...