Bahria Plot Dimensions?

I am exploring different options to buy plot to build home in islamabad. Bahria looks a good option. Just want to check that are the plot dimensions in bahria same as in other projects throughout. I mean is 10 marla 35*70 and kanal 50*90 or are they having different dimensions? Sorry for dumb question but i have some preferences so asking.

Depends on which phase you are going..Kanal is 50x90 everywhere.

10 marla in bahria phase 1 to 7 is 30x75 while the rest of the projects have 10 marla with the dimension of 35x70..

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@Rehan. Saadi is right that the sizes of 10 marla plots vary in Bahria between different schemes. In addition to the above, 10 marla plots in bahria intellectual village (phase 8) are also available in size 50*50, incase you are looking for plots with a bigger front. Some plots in different projects also have extra land options available, although I am not entirely clear on what Bahria’s policy is regarding usage of extra land.

Dear Rehan,

Bahria plots size.

Plot Size 7 Marla 30 X 55 ( 200 Sq Yards )

Plot Size 5 Marla 25 X 45 ( 125 Sq Yards )

Plot Size 10 Marla 35x70 ( 250 Sq Yards )


Thank you every one for your feedback. I am grateful.

Just a tip on how to calculate.lets consider a plot of dimension 50x90

So multiply 50 with 90 ul get 4500

4500/9=500 sq yards

500/25=20 Marlas

ie its a plot of one Kanal

In BT Garden city, zone-4 , a 5 Marla in 30-40 Ft also!

This has gone now to DHA-3.

@Vampire... That's true for 1 Kanal and 5 marla plots. But for 10 marlas (which is 1025=250 yards) it gets confusing... 3570 = 2450, 2450/9=272.2 and 272.2/25 = 10.89 marlas. 272.2 yards is quite close to 275 yards which is 11 marla.

That means the '10 marla' owners in Bahria town schemes are living with an additional 1 marla of space and their plot dimensions are not half the space of a 'Kanal' plot and more than double the space of a '5 marla' plot.