Bahria town coming to peshawar

So malik riaz is bringing bahria town to peshawar now.

Source: https://www.Zameen.Com/news/malik-riaz-announces-to-launch-bahria-town-peshawar.Html

It seems like good news for the locals seeking the kind of lifestyle bt offers despite the many controversies associated with bt's existing projects.

I mean, it is hard to deny bt brings development to better standards if not the very best. Considering how dha peshawar did, bahria town peshawar should do well!

I am not sure this news is authentic, as there is no twit from Malik Riaz at his twitter account about Peshawar BT, neither on BT website. Local Property dealers and private real estates are just making headlines for attractions.

@Qaisar sab

Dont invest in Bahria town. Meet people who did investment in bahria town Karachi. They are refunding people after taking there money for five year with no profit

Well, this could go either way. Maybe Bahria Town has learnt a lesson or perhaps the investors have.

Same main dealers are now opening their traps in Peshawar.

Be ready for another roller coaster ride :)

People will always be lured by the grandeur of Bahria Town, regardless of the city. It is the most coveted suburban address/ social status. Despite the risk, people will invest.