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I would like to take suggestions/guidance from seniors here about Bahria town Karachi booking, is it worth it ? It looks like home plus membership in Bahria town Rawalpindi.

What is the location, any idea on that as Bahria is not disclosing it. Secondly, I would like to know, if anybody has any idea as in which project one should be a member, in commercial/residential/flats/plots etc? It will help me and other members here.

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Booking in Bahria Town Karachi's Commercial projects is likely to be an expensive proposition and with the current law and order situation effecting the businesses, I am not entirely convinced about the tower project on Tariq Road. The one located in clifton might be good, though it will likely require some deep pockets as I am sure the prices will be quite high.

Regarding the Bahria town residential, location will be a big factor. As we all know, security is a big concern in Karachi and any area which puts in place an effective security mechanism will be highly in demand. Secondly, the security of plots from land grabbers, who are very rampant in town will also be a positive factor. Nevertheless, its location is going to be equally important. Afterall, no matter how secure the area is, if you have to go through an area like Lyari or Liaqatabad as soon as you exit the gate, it would make one a sitting target and really no good. Plus, in my humble opinion, location-wise, the sea is to Karachi what Margalla is to Islamabad!

At this point I would say its a 50-50 kind of an option and an investment for atleast 3-4 years. But 15,000 isnt that big an amount, I might take a gamble and get a membership for residential. It would be nice if other members specially from Karachi can also share their views. Its only 5 days to go now.

Syed Amjad, think alike, really appreciate your detailed responce, Keeping in view the current security/ Law and Order situation in Karachi, i also felt the need of a secure society like Bahria Town, so it will be a good setup but again as you said, Location is a very main issue in this regards, You are very rite as you said Sea is what Margalla is to Islamabad, i think bahria will choose such a location where everybody will love to purchase. Commercial and Residential will be expensive, so i am also planning to opt for a residential plot in 15000 membership. Bundle of Thanks Syed Amjad bhai. I would like people of Karachi to comment and share their views, this will help. Kind Regards,

I am booking it - I live in Karachi and and 15,000 is not much of an amount today.


I am from karachi. I think files are speculative assets. We should always invest in something on ground to be safe. I've seen files sell less than half of the rate on which they were originally launched. Since location is undisclosed, it means something fishy is going on. It could turn out to be either a very good or a very bad decision depending on the location. I will invest their afterwards when i see something real on ground.

The risk is 5,000 non-refundable plus the wasted opportunity cost of not being able to do anything with the other 10,000 - whatever the location is, whether it is a good opportunity or not will depend on the pricing. I don't care what the location is - it can be on the highway near Hyderabad, I will still buy it if it's priced accordingly - it is pointless to talk about "good" or "bad" locations without knowing the price.

You are always welcome Nasir sb. I just came back from my Bank, the queues for getting/depositing bahria registration forms are unbelievable!! People seem to be thinking of this as some kind of a lottery ticket. There were about 35-40 people standing in the line and more were coming. I wonder if there is similar enthusiasm in Karachi itself! Reminds me of the good old days of I-15 launch, although I hope people will get something better this time around.

@ SyedAmjad, very true sir and thanks :)

Any guess of price for icon tower or tariq road project i am intersting book one in any of these but as got information that price will too high for deep pockets only. Dont know if they are going to arrange someloan facilities as well any comments.

No Idea about prices, but i guess opting in Residential Plots would be a good decision, as, Commercial and Houses/Apartments prices will be too high, and i knew that location and prices of Residential Community will depend on the number of applications they will get, so i guess it is the best option. I also did the same,

Always initial decision is a difficult either you are right or wrong, without taking any risk you can't learn from your life.

Now it's upto you either you buy or not but always keep thinks positive in real life.

Investment always up and down. I will suggest, if you have extra amount so just try it... And keep open your eyes on market condition.

It is a long awaited news as there are lots of unballoted files of Bahria Town Karachi available in the market which didn't get plot numbers in the last ballot conducted last year despite paying timely installments.

Earlier this year, bahria town sent out letters to members which read that members who paid their 8th installment by or before 30th march 2016 will be eligible for the next ballot, however the announced balloting date is 14th August 2016, which means 10th installment will be due also.

It is not clear whether the earlier announcement regarding eligibility criterion will still apply or memebers will need to pay 10th installment in order to be eligible for balloting. Dealers association of bahria town seems to disagree to this announcement due to this unnecessary delay which has caused heavy losses to many buyers who blindly trusted bahria town and invested their hard earned money in this project.

Since there are residential plots as well as old commercials which are still to be assigned location and numbers, it is not clear whether this balloting will include just residential plots or the old commercial plots will also be included in this balloting.

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