Bahria town phase 7 future

I have a 10 marla plot in bt phase 7 is it good to hold it for another year or so

Its time to sell prices jumped rapidly :)

Need some more auggestions from senior members of forum

Hold it. Prices will increase as work on Ring Road have started from Phase 8, which will lead to Economic Zone which will be given to China.


What is the source of this news. So far we have heard conflicting stories. Could you please shed more light on this.

85 billion rupees project from where funding comes dont know . Who will invest in economic zone when existing industries are closing. Economy corridor is a mega project which will even take lot of years to start

Nasir bahi if future is bright of phase 7 then i'll hold my plot other wise i am planing to sale these two plots and invest in B17 or more in safari valley there i have already so what what is your opinion B17 or phase 7 or phase 8 please let me know thanks regards.

Invest in AWT d-18. They are building interchange and prices will jump soon

Thanks nasir and every body for reply can you tell me what's market price of street 35 10 marla phase 7 plot if I want to sell its a non corner plot

Possession Plot where ever you can get in Phase 8 or when we talk about B-17, invest in E block, non possession but ready block , possession in June 2014. Bahria over all has a bright future now, as they are providing all the facilities which CDA can not offer till now since it's inception, good things comes with bad, but whatever Bahria will launch now will go on profit.

Any body there who can post market price of phase 7 plots

I think hold some days

Better to phase 7 dealers who work there regardss

Slayer...try to contact different dealers and ask them the buying price of 10 marla in phase 7..u will have a fair idea of ur property...I personally feel that phase 7 property have already matured...its better to get ur profit and invest at some other safe n secure place of Bahria, DHA where prices are comparative less and which is likely to give u good return in 1-2 years. Regards.

The source is Jang Newspaper, plus if you visit the Bahria Town Phase 8 site, then, you will see the construction work has started for the ring road which will lead to economic zone.

Today i have met differnernt dealer prices are from 50 to 60 lac for good streets it seems quiet low becaz i was expecting 65 to 70 prices are at low side right now as compare to other bahria projects any reasons for this