Best DHA project to invest in property files right now

My friend wants me to invest in dha quetta but it seems far from the reality right now and the situation is similar in dha gujranwala, i am confused right now. Dha multan seems like a good opportunity. What are your suggestions?

Stay in the big 3 cities.

In 3 big cities DHA prices have peaked in last 7-8 months. Chances for fast growth are minimal, correction is eminent.

DHA-Q will take time, 10 years minimum. But it is not Gujranwala which is over-shadowed by Lahore. Quetta is provincial capital and the only true urban community in 380 km radius.

Correction in the big 3 will take others along with it. There will be a steeper correction in smaller cities as compared to big 3.

Yes Shahzad sb

Correction is invitable everywhere except CDA sectors as we have seen in the past that CDA gets affected least while all properties around goes to bottom..

Correction is healthy as long as market’s overall direction doesn’t turn to bear. Personally, I don’t see bear market for at least next 6- 12 months.

In DHA Quetta construction work is going now,
Sector A 1 kanal files prices increased from 50 Lac to 95 lac in last 6 months.