Best housing community to invest in?

Hello everyone!

I am currently looking to invest in one of the housing societies in the islamabad/pindi area. My only preference is something near the new international airport.

For long term, CSCI sounds better specially when they got dedicated interchange from motorway. It will be 7 minutes drive to new airport.

For short term, TopCity, Mumtaz city, Gandhara City, Shalimar town are better options as they are developed and near to new airport and also near to main Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful. Ive also had a few friends mention Taj Residencia but dont know much about it. Do you know anything about the project?

Have you heared about Taj Residencia, its a project of Sardar Group Of Companies, like the owners of Centaurus Mall Islamabad, i think so the society is good they are going to launch Centaurus Mall 2 over there.

Wow! That’ incredible. Cant wait for them to launch Centaurus 2. Will definitely buy a plot there now

With the above options I just want to add G15 and G16 as well. Its more than 60% occupied. Its location is adjacent to Motorway, easy to get on the Kashmir highway towards Islamabad and very close to New Islamabad Internal Airport. Here Beacon-house main campus is there. Roots school is also there, Islamabad Model school campus is also under development. Quaid-i-e Azam International hospital is also nearby.

@My dear Muhammad Khan bro,

I would not get too excited about Taj Reidencia unless I have seen the location on ground and on Google map as well.

Fist of all, it is outside Islamabad city limits, falls under Rawalpindi, accessed by Misrial road and surrounded by dhokes and conjested abadies. It's access from I-14 does not offer a pleasurable drive for daily Islamabad commuters.

So unless, you live, work and school your kids in the areas of Misrial, Westridge, I-14 or Peshawar road, this place is certainly not for the ones who want to live in Islamabad.

Centaurus 2 is not going to change anything. Trust me.


Dear op, it might make more sense to stick to one post about your prefered taj residencia related discussion instead of spamming forum creating various posts with your subtle marketing approach for the same project. All roads lead to Rome/taj residencia in this case. Nobody is against marketing but spamming isnt appreciated by many.

I apologize. Will be more careful and respectful moving forward

PECHS society islamabad is gold mine .It is near airport and electricity as and all facilities are available