Best option to buy 5 marla plot in bahria town rwp in 2.5m to 3.5m

I am planning to build a 5 marla house in bt rwp my budget for plot is only 2.5m to 3.5m. I have been reading alot in the forum and searching the listings but bt phase 8 is huge and is confusing me. The purpose of building home is to sell after 2 to 3 years on good profit or maybe live myself with my family as i am overseas resident and will might move back after a few years. From my research i think usman block is the best one but i am not sure about its pricing, also came to know that umer block is cheaper but have land fill problems in plots. Also if someone can give me an estimate on building construction cost these days if my father or brother manages material buying themselves and play the role of contractor as they have good knowledge about materials.

Dear Ehtisham,

3.5 to 4.5 million 5 marla Ali block is best option.I don't think any 5 marla in Usman or Umer block.

E-1 is also good but there is Gas issue still no Gas connection in any house.


Ehtisham sb
Yes Ali block only has 5 marlas but filling places are scattered everywhere in phase-8.

You can explore 5 marlas in bahria zone 5 extension which is attached to DHA-3. Fully developed and nicely connected to GT road just 2.5 km away through serene city to GT road. Plot cost is only 35 lacs but best candidate to appreciate as DHA-3 further develops.

Dear @Abdul Qayyum and Nadeem Sb. Thanks for the valuable suggestion really appreciate your input. Yes it is very difficult to find anything in Umer or Usman block. Is Ali block part of Bahria Town zone 5 ?

If 3.5M is the price of 25 x 50 than it seems in my budget. Just want to know the difference between Zone 5 and Umer/Usman block.

Ehtisham sb
Plot size is 30*40 ft. Safary valley blockes Ali, Umar, Usman, Abu Baker are far far away as compared to zone-5 extention which is very near to the GT road.
This part of bahria town is very close to DHA-3. In fact. DHA-3 was bahria town and was surrendered to DHA-3 as a compensation of the huge money, Malik Riaz looted from DHA valley shaheed's families ganged up with Brass and HRL.
Being near to DHA and GT road, it has all potential to rise in future.
Being very near to golf course, the address is very simple to tell guests.
This area is not thick in population but location is second to none and will develop fast In Shaa Allah

@Abdul Qayyum

what is the name of this area that you are mentioning near dha-3?

i cant find it on map, only thing near is garden city