Build house on plot or buy ready made house

I am wondering if I buy plot and then build house or should I buy ready made house in Islamabad. I can't stay in Islamabad to watch construction of house.

Is the quality of ready made house is good or no.

Thanks to all.

If you build a house with direct supervision on labour-contract basis in which you procure materials by yourself or your brother etc. And give jobs to different contractors depending on their repute and skills; then the chances are you will make your house substantially cheaper than purchasing ready made house.

On the other hand if you buy a ready made house you will save the headache and risk of construction but the cost will be higher if it is a new house. But if you search and find an old house (at bargain price) that still has good civil structure, you can renovate it and save some money. However, as you know such good old houses can be found only in zone i sectors where the price of the land is already at its peak.

If you give a turnkey contract for construction of house, the turnkey contractor will not just charge his own fee (which is fine) but unfortunately the chances are that he will charge you a premium on everything and you wont even know. If you find a good contractor, he will be a bit more reasonable and will not at least build a bad house even if he charges you some money.

Thank you brother for reply.