Cabinet Discussions (CDECHS) - Reports of GAS

Cabinet Division Employees Cooperative Housing Society (CDECHS):

  1. Great location in zone 2 with quick access to GT Road, Kashmir Highway and Margalla Avenue;

  2. So far less expensive than surrounding societies so lots of potential;

  3. Mostly Level ground;

  4. Most plots of big size-1 kanal.

  5. Habib Rafiq Development.

  6. Gas infrastructure laid down.

Very few house constructions for the reason that gas not yet supplied. This is the only missing link for this sleeping giant.

Recently there are reports of gas connections and availability.

This is a new chain to support discussion on updates for cabinet division employees cooperative housing society and gas connection status.

PK1, many thanks for creating this thread which I hope will become a great source to access up to date information on the developments in Cabinet society. According to my information, gas is already there in the pipes laid in the society and it is a matter of days that some of the residents will get meters. I agree with you that the slow pace of construction is actually due to lack of gas meters and as soon as the SNGPL starts installing the meters, the pace of construction will speed up. Other than the gas meters, two more factors (1) completion of tarnol phatak expansion in a few months and (2) start of airport operations in a year are certainly going to raise the prices of plots. In my view, it is the best time to buy in Cabinet for living as well as investment purpose.

For latest photos and news:

What is the status of electrification in CDECHS…when they are going to install street lights…etc…

We need to write letters to the editor in newspapers to force them to install electricity cabinets and street lights etc.

With a few letters and a few collective visits to Society office, they will come to their senses Insha'Allah.


Gas meter is installed in a 500 yards house in E-6/3.

A register is placed in CDECHS office in E-16/3 for members feed back. All members are requested to write their complaints and suggestions on register when they visit society.

Mian Nadeem

Wonderful news. With gas connections available, prices will shoot up as soon as the trend of constructing your house starts. People would much rather construct on their land than sit on an idle plot file and pay rent where they are living.

Excellent time to buy in Cabinet at the moment!

Mian Nadeem Sahib, many thanks for sharing this wonderful news.

"": prices will shoot up:''"

SOMETHING fishy......PK1 brother...what do you expect in next 12 months time frame, in regards to prices.

.....Mian Nadeem is a neutral and pinpoint analyst in my opinion ........I HOPE Mian Nadeem give some real analysis on E-16 ,ITS FUTURE in next 2- 3 years in regards to investment please.


This gas news is just for test case that whether the supply is all OK till the end user.

But overall its a good news as after this test case the other members will force the management to install a test case at their residence and keep hanging on.

The other plus is the 'Maryam Arcade' shining and showing its presence which I already quoted in some other thread the possession timeline is Oct 2015.

Recently got my plot possession in E-16/3 and the management of society said gass connections are available but water supply is still a problem.

I hope very soon all issues will be resolved.

Anu, since underground water is abundant in E-16/3 it is better to have your own boring rather than depending on water supply from the management. I think it may take them quite some time to supply water.

Sir … Mark my words, this sector will fly!

Visited CDECHS numerous times recently. Location is good. Infrastructure developed by Habib Rafique is not maintained. Streets are not in good condition particularly streets where 3060 , 3570 plots exists in E-16/3 & E-16/2.Water was over flowing from drainage after rain.

Electricity distribution boxes are not installed. Street lights are not installed even on main roads. Scarcity of under ground water and non availability of water supply from society is real issue and main hurdle in construction of houses.

Possession was given 3 years back. Only 15 houses on 50*90 in E-16 & E-17 are constructed. 40 Plus Houses are constructed altogether.

Location is good. Price is reasonable. Price increase is expected in coming years. Good option for 2 to 5 years investment.

Mian Nadeem

Thank you Mian sahab for the accurate on-the-ground information!

Did you confirm whether gas connections are being given?

And any information on when electricity cabinets will be installed?

I also visit the site 2 weeks before. Agreed with Mr.Mian Nadeem.

Why the gate of society is not completed? What is the hurdle. They society should complete it. I think it is not a big ask. Is there any body who can shed light on that?

The site location is excellent in Zone 2 and development standard is also very decent but the problem lies with the lazy management: hudd-haraam.

This why everything happens at snail's pace here. And no maintenance takes place.

What about the possession of approx. 200 plots in E-17/3. This is the main reason behind society don’t have good market value. Management has sold more plots than what they actually have. Any update?