Cbr phase 2 - prime block. Should i invest ?

I am looking forward to invest 10 to 12 lac in property near airport and so far i came up with cbr phase 2 to be the best option.

A, b, c, d sectors have very high rates for 5 marla plots starting from 14 lac to 18 lac. So i am left with prime block option where i can purchase a 25 x 45 plot by paying 6 lac in advance and rs 160000 on quarterly installments.

Will cbr give me possession after the payment is all clear or right after i pay 6 lac?

What is the future of prime block can i hope increase in prices after 2 to 3 years ?

How much profit is expected?


Dear sir,

You said in your comment "so far i came up with cbr phase 2 to be the best option"... If it is the best option, then just give it a try.... Prime block is still not developed, then how will they give you possession?

Meray bhai saary pasiay dogay, to possession milegi... But only when it will be DEVELOPED....


Do you mean its still not developed and therefore can`t grant possession?

Next you said Pory Paisy Do gy tou Possession mily gi?

Bhai develop jab tak ho ga tab tak Possession kesy mily gi ?

Koi aik solid answer hai tou wo dy den Sir

This is pathetic way of promoting a society or project...

You are a dealer in the shape of innocent investor...

Shame on you boss.

Hahahahaah, very well catch khan sb..

In place of giving guidance, this forum is getting even misleading for the new investors due to this tactics.

You are spot on khan bhai…hahahhahahaahahahha.Check kar len kahi yeh phir wohi sahab to nahi hain i mean wohiiiiii if u know what i mean.

CBR-2 is far away from becoming a favourite place for investors and genuine buyers. Right now, they have no good access road, not much development done, very slow work on-going etc etc.

The guy has fled I guess

@ All

he was a dealer dealing in CBR.... Few minutes later in another thread he posted his cell number for dealing in CBR... Here he entered in the form of an investor.....

Shame on such people...


Mujhay bhi wohi lag rha hy... You got it..


Worthless investment.It may good for our next generation.