Ch-Majeed is Misusing our Multi for personal Faisal projects


At Current prices, Multi projects B-17, F-17 and Farmhouse Scheme are excellent investments. B-17 and F-17 are in Zone 2 the zone closest to the real Islamabad Zone-1. Orchards is in suburbs on the M-1 Motorway but also top-end development. Multi has built outclass infrastructure in all its projects at very good prices.

But now for the last few years Multi prices are being kept low deliberately because Multi General Secretary Chaudhry Majeed is developing and promoting his personal projects (Faisal Town, Faisal Hills and Faisal Residencia) at the expense of Multi using the resources of Multi. Multi plot holders need to file a case against Chaudhry Majeed.

But just look at these fabulous images of Multi:

Great Photos of Multi.

Yes it is lovely

Development is going very well

Eik pic bahria town ki bhi upload kar di ha

Nice Weather makes the place more lovely!!!

Excellent work Pardesi bhai! This is why I prefer Zone 2 over Zone 5. Zone 2 is surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery while Zone 5 has shamlaat and naala land. Gulraiz type areas. Multi will be choice living after Margalla Avenue completion.

Good pics. Any latest news on Margalla Avenue?

Thanks Pardesi Bhai for uploading such nice pics for members of this forum.


In shaa allah with in a year

What is the development status in unfinished areas of Block C of Orchards?

Block C unfinished areas are in progress but no confirm news. Thanks Perdesi.

Which Block of Multi-Garden is best from Investment point of view and why?

Which block of Multi-Garden is better for Living A or B?

I think Multi enthusiasts should focus on discussing their Multi investments here as opposed to negatively titled threads.


Presently B Block is best because of location and facilities and once access is given E Block will also be good because of huge Markaz..

Matrix is right B block is good for living and it's first block which is 90% clear.

Management is totally ignoring E and F block and D block is still in air.It's ground reality.

I think Multi management is careless who developing E and F block but forget access which is most important for whole project.


What about C block especially the north western part above the double road supposed to be going through D block all the way to E block?

Good thing about C Block it is most favourite in B-17 for investors and dealers.

But I think A block has mostly big plots as compared to other blocks plus a lake. A is very beautiful amd will be highest in price when they stop blasting. Already there is court order issued.


What about prospects of Block D? I heard land acquisition is ongoing.

If land is being acquired then why are they building alternate route for E block?