Commercial options in 20M

Looking for ideal commercial options for 20M. Basic purpose is rental income as well as property appreciation.
Any recommendations for Islamabad only.

Mansoor sb
Buy a 5 Marla full hall in bahria phase-8 in Overseas-5, at ground floor…rentars would be big boys such as Branded bakeries/eateries, banks or construction material whole sale sellers…rent around 80-90 thousands per month with 10% annual increase.
There are business options where you can get monthly income with your investment in ongoing towers but you need to see the projects, talk to people around and then sit with us for final product buyout.

Abdul Qayyum sb, your rental income estimates are very high. Rental income in such area is a lot less than that.

He wanted to say 80-90 thousand

Asad sb
We built a 5 Marla 6 story plaza in the same area which is sold now. The name Jassim Arcade. Before selling cash & carry wanted on rent @ 70K & it was actually mine in the full basement hall.
I bought from our JV office at 1 crore 17 Lacs. The ground was sold at 1 crore 22 Lacs. Then a bank came wanted both basement & ground full hall at the rent I wrote… sir, banks always give 15% or so more rents but for usually 10 years contract.
Now we sold plaza but Alhamdolilla with nice profit. The buyer is also happy as plot has been appreciated.
The point is commercial must be in hottest locations.
The same phase-8, some commercial are performing very poor.
Other than banks & branded eateries, you are right rents are max 50%.
Sorry guys!
The rent was mistakenly written in Lacs!
Pls read as thousands.
Old man … :frowning_face:

Yes Khan sb… sorry!
I confused all.