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We want to invest 4crore in such a way so as to get 4lakh monthly. Kindly advice which place would be most suitable and why.

Personally i like bahria enclave but it seems risky especially the commercial market there fluctuates too much for my comfort.


Osama u are asking for the moon.Good luck for your endeavors and do let us know as well if u find any such option.Apart from some running business,no property can give u this much rent with this investment.

Thanks for your comment, alright, kindly advice in your opinion where to invest the said amount for maximum rental return.


Osama first of all u have to look for commercial property in this price.Better to go for some such properties that are already with some bank or brand yielding handsome rent.In the otherwise case look for some commercial plot ind dha bahria pwd at sime selected locations that are fine for commercial puproses and then construct building on it to yield rent.

Established properties like you mentioned tend to be over priced, my plan is to buy the plot and then construct on it, the question is Where?

If I am to construct now, then in the long run which location would be most profitable?


Osama, I am exactly in same situation as yours. Same budget, same intention.

I am thinking about AWT, top city,mumtaz city etc. Buy a plot now and start construction. Most likely these societies will be populated soon and plaza will generate good rentals.

B 17 is another good option.

Bahria Enclave Islamabad

Rehmat heights Bahria Enclave Islamabad

(Infront of bahria head office)

1 bed apartment 415sqft 1st floor

Total price 45 lac

(Return on investment 25k per month )

Shop 425 sqft. Ft (Ground floor)

Down payment 24 lac

Instalments 7 ( 700000 × 7)

Total price 1 crore 36 lac

Return on investment 75 k per month

Shop 425 Sq. Ft (Lower Ground floor)

Down payment 24 lac

Instalments 7 ( 700000 × 7)

Total price 80 lac

Return on investment 35 k per month


-Instalments (to be paid quaterly in a year)

  • Return on investment will start after two years

  • Rental income based on 6 months to 1 year advance

Contact# call / whatsapp +923335393153

Ikram sb frankly,people dont even look at those options in this budget.

Osama with this budget,i think some commercials in dha 2,bahria civic center main location and pwd may be very fruitful.

Let us know if you find any such option...

As falcon said, invest here in DHA 2:

Hard to understand that the sector’s commercials inside DHA-2 are not very hot for rentals, the building styles are also poorly designed, rents are low but prices still high?

But the commercials at double road like Jinnah Boulevard are like gold mines, expensive but much lucrative on rentals and appreciation.

Commercials in civic centers are very hot and ROIs are just perfect as top brands/banks are the audience. Just like DHA-2, in BT phase1-6 the block commercials as are also not hot both for price appreciation and for rents.

Commercial in Ghouri towns returns high profits but no NOC, illegalities, narrow streets and very poor town planning. But still money is there to earn from.

Best is buy commercial plot and build plaza, rent lower portion to bank upper to shack and a signal tower on roof brother. Thats the only possible way to that much ROI.

Select location wisely


i have commercial unit for sale in BAHRIA ENCALVE ISB



Demanding , 7 Crore

Basement + Ground +3

feel Free to contact

many dif options also available

safeer Ahmed


Pls advise similar option on where to invest in Lahore around 4 crore for best yields in near future. Preference is in DHA but concern is where in DHA ?