Commercial shop in eighteen islamabad

What do experts suggest about the future of a commercial shop in eighteen. Will it be a good investment from resale point of view or will it generate healthy rental returns. Please share your views. Thanks

Any suggestions?

Or any alternative options?

Good Commercial always depends around population.I don't think eighteen is good option.For future Gulberg Green,TC,MC,FT act are good.Current B-17 C block like J7 Emporium is good and other hand D mall which is almost completed and ZETA 1 is on the way.This area between Dha-2/3,GT road and other hand Bahria 7,8 and Garden City.More customer flow more businesses so good commercial always depend more population around.D-12 and Enclave is front of you where more shops are empty and less buyers because of less population and oversupply.Bahria Hub commercial was empty before five years and now there is very less options remaining because of number of new houses and growing population.Please always visit the area and spend one day and observe area then decide.Don't fall just to see high prices and brand.


Friends I’m totally agree with Nadeem bhai.

Thanks Nadeem for the informative input - it is helpful

18 is designed, promoted, and developed for the elites beyond usual CDA sectors.

Outrightly denying/rejecting its worth may be a serious over/under assessment of a project. Yes, for now it seems way too expensive but it may prove to be a missed jackpot later on.

There is a market for Mehrans and Corollas and there is a Market for fine-looking, expensive SUVs launched like a free fall rain these days. Its about time but for sure it doesn't suit the average investor rather those who like to play a bit bigger than the usual game!

A commercial is always judged by it's class.

One ground floor shop at entrance of Centaurus is fetching 1000 per sqft rent. This is extreme example, a clear outlier, While most top shops in Centaurus, Safa Gold, Giga Mall, Blue Area or Jinnah Super would average +/- 500 per sqft.

Areas eventually get populated and commercials become busy. It's only matter of time. It is best to invest in a commercial of an area where life is just starting. You get at the lowest price.

Summary: Always look for 'class' and be an 'early bird'.

Thanks all - much appreciated

Totally agree with Isloo1