Development progress in cabinet division cooperative housing society

Is there any progress in the development of cdechs??? Does this society has any future???

This society CDECHS is worse among the ICT housing schemes with lethargic management. No future ahead. The scattered area that was developed is damaging day by day with rains and no body cares about the alloties. People paying electricity bills at commercial rates. Please note it is not safe investment if some one want to take risk please do visit and invest only in height and possession area (prefer not to invest here).

The CDECHS is already developed. I agree with Nasir, the management is not good otherwise the location of the society is superb. Currently, commercial rates are being charged for electricity. If the management improves a little bit, this society can give good return on investment. Around 50 houses are under construction/already constructed. Sui gas is available in the society and gas meters have been installed.

I was passing by tarnol yesterday and decided to visit this society. There are two things which are common between cabinet and moenjodaro; both seem to have had good development standards when they were built and that today, both are in a state of ruin. I wish I had taken a picture of the "underground" electrification system, it is hilarious.

What are the current prices in E-17/3

I visited the society last week and agreed with you, it's infrastructure is deteriorating mainly due to rain water. However there are 10-15 houses under construction and work on underground electrification and street light installation in a few streets is in progress. Do you guys think it will make any difference???

There is now investor interest here. I asked Multi dealers and they are also taking interest in Margalla View and Cabinet due to slow market in Multi.

Despite all weakness construction of houses is increasing day by day as society has electricity, gas and water. I am sure when group of people will settle there they will continuously follow up with the management and other quarters for better facilities. At that time it will be too late for one to purchase there.

There is no need to panic as whole zone-2 is slow now a days. If overall sale purchase is slow doesn't mean that you investment is down the drain.

At the end of the day it's possession able plot in a society with direct access to GT road. It is definitely next stop for all those who can't afford a 30x60 in JKCHS and rates won't be same by next year even there is less investor interest but of course more genuine demand is there now.

Development standard, if its not the best it's not the worst. Its 100 times better then CDA sectors and G-13/14 and even i would say F-15. And if its not in competition with DHA, bahria and bahria enclave then also look at the price... Go and buy 1 kanal there for this price.

Agreed. Prices are still the most reasonable as compared to other societies in the area.. There are 50 plus houses Under construction at the moment, as number of houses increase it would force the management to complete development work.


What is the news in Roshan Pakistan Society which is adjacent to Cabinet Division? Please put some light on the future of us (unfortunates) who invested in Roshan Pakistan!

Electricity is being charged at commercial rates but its temporary, work is already in progress. Hopefully by next year this time or earlier it will be finished. Remember for every society more genuine demand is necessary then only temporary investors who just want to mint money and in CDECHS case it is there and i am dead sure it's 1000 times more then other dump holes where there are no signs of life even in next 10 years but rates are like hell high.

Everyone will witness good pace of construction in these recent years as i have myself sold atleast 20 plots in 4 months to all genuine sellers who will be start building there house very soon.

Which is best for 1 year investment I-16 or E-16

I-16 much better option. Try some good location main road level plot in I-16/4. Two big things goingto happened if happened, rates will surelly doubled. But i wl not disclose any thing further let do search and act as ur mind satisfied. 200 sqyrd ranges 25-35 depending on location.

Dear Nasir please refer if you have any good option.

863 plot on 150 rd in I-16/4. Deal may be above 32lac. Pls inbox mobile no. To get dealer contact.

Just came know investors has started taking interest in CDECHS. Is there any truth???

Actually cabinet is newer society compared to others. When it will be some more mature prices will be mature too inshaAllah.