Dha peshawar opinion wanted

I have visited dha peshawar quite recently and have been impressed by the development progress over there. We are looking to buy a plot in either section a or c and would ideally want to start construction in foreseeable future.
I would be happy to know the insights of experienced people here regarding few of my questions?
1) how does the construction future in dha look like? Will people eventually move in here?
2) is a price drop in the plots expected in future?
3) when can one expect the nasir bagh patch to dha to be smoothened out and northern bypass to be opened for traffic?
4) best sector in your opinion to buy the plot in for construction/roi purposes.

Thank you :)

Talha, We both seems to be in the same boat as I am as well looking for a plot in DHA possession sectors which I believe are ABC. Currently rates in A are a bit higher than B&C and I've been told by a person who deal in there that sector C would be good to invest in at this time, however the rates are going high and I believe the current 20marla can be purchased from 1.30 to 1.5 cr. Regarding the future, I believe DHA would be profitable when peoples starting to move in which will take about another 2-3 years for the possession sectors to get populated.

Also if you compare the prices of DHA with Regi, it is still lower I believe for a 20 marla. Please do share your findings when you find a deal. Thanks