Dha phase 2, commercial

Dha phase 2 is asking for commercial applications

Total price is around 26,000,000

I wanted to invest for short term ( like i can pay up to first installment only)

Do you guys think its a good short term investment if i win in balloting ?


It is a very good long term investment.

Hello Panthera ,

but my pocket doesn't allow me to pay installment i can just survive up to first installment

@akhter, I dont think so you should take this risk. Its better to invest safely than taking any kind of risk. I would recommend you to initially invest in small societies like sui gas or state life, earn profit and then invest big.

I agree with Azka, if you only have one installment it will be highly speculative and you could end up losing all money as DHA may default you.

Not advisable.