Dha phase 5 islamabad

What is the best sector to invest in dha phase 5 islamabad? One kanal plots with a time frame of three years

Shahzad sb
Block G has small plots, too, apart from one Kanal.
250,200 & 125 yards sizes. Prices are in the boom era and corrections would take place but in your projected time, prices will revive as development pace is very promising.
As per the ongoing impressive development & full land in possession, exclusively in army allocation blocks, per my little knowledge with 2 years prices will revive post boom correction and will give good profit as well. In Shaa Allah.

@AQ Thanks for your reply!

I have got a kanal plot in K sector in DHA 5. I am thinking if it’s wise to sell the plot in K sector and buy in another sector.

Do you think Sector G will appreciate better than Sector K in next three years?

Shahzad sb

How much profit being offered to you, sir?

This will dictate your road map of selling & buying...

@AQ Sb,

I have paid in full but I haven’t asked anyone for offers yet.