Dha phase -iii isb/rwp (army allocaation\\\\)

What's going on in dha phase 3
Why the file price are going .
Is it okay to buy in dha.3

Looking forward to expert for detailed answer

Asif sb
Dha-3 is one of the best for investment place in twin cities.
But investment is preferable in the army allocation blocks...J, G, D, E & F as per my 2 cents.
However one thing must be remembered...On-site, there is no demarcation of blocks. You cannot say exactly, this is my allocated plot or this is which block?
You can have some general idea if you are good at map.
There is a nice eye catching lake, being developed which is in sector F and it is big one. You can see huge amount of natural deep water in the lake.. even now best place to swim and fishing if DHA allows...
I am looking for a Kanal plot and today we spent the whole day in dha-3, all blocks.
The development work is very fast as we visited just two weeks before & earth moving & roads progress is very impressive..we saw the total changed seen in all blocks..
I have decided to buy at whatever cost as it is very much clear that army allocation dha-3 will never put me in loss, In Shaa Allah.
People are saying, these blocks will take 3 years but as my little knowledge, it will be even closer if they keep the same pace of development....
Serene city out if reach as more then 2 crores..dha-5 same thing..dha-3 army allocation one Kanal at 1.40 crores is not a bad buy at all, In Shaa Allah.

Abdul Qayyum Sb Aoa

Is one Kanal in DHA-3 ballotted and numbered in 1.40 crores

How much is 10 Marlas

Which block is better than others

Your recommendations please

Dear Abdul Qayyum Sab,

Is all the land owned by DHA or there is still land to be acquired against files by DHA?

ZA sb
I almost decided yesterday to go for a Kanal in dha-3 after having spent the whole day in the army allocation blocks..
Pls do not ask me about the source deep inside the DHA who advised me not to invest now, not only in DHA but also in any ultra escalated societies in entire twin cities except the CDA sectors with possession.
I am convinced and changed my mind not to invest in highly priced societies...
I am now looking forward to take several plots in phase-8 sector M where house construction is impressively on fast pace..
We know that if house construction gains momentum in any developed society, the prices after boom may get stagnant for sometime but post boom never come down.
Right now DHA army allocation all blocks are still on rise and as per my 2 cents and info from highly placed source, the correction might bring all blocks min 20 to 25 Lacs loss!
Now about today prices:
Having said that, most dealers are saying DHA-3 will not come down...
Last month dha-3 prices of a Kanal transacted min 1 crore 18 Lacs to 1 crore 45 Lacs in different blocks...
If you can bear post boom anticipated correction loss in double digits, then my advice is to invest in block F where a huge lake being made..

AQ shb, it is always a treat reading you. Can you please shed some light on different zones of Bahria Garden City, which zone is better for investment and residential point of view? I was searching and found out about Zone 5 in 50 lakh, does a 5 Marla plot worth it? Please recommend.

Thank you.

Muhammad sb
Garden city small plots, zone 5A is best in small plots as it is just 3 km from GT road which is luxury.
The price is now 55 Lacs of a good plot.
Houses can be seen being constructed in the vicinity.
I think this place is good for future investment and making own house. The look is valley like and eye catching, too.
Here is the exact place:

Many thanks AQ shb.

Sir dealers ne to full hawa bhar di ha ISB k ghubare mei..

20 - 25 lakh is not a small amount to loose

Sir, this is from inside DHA.
However, prices are increasing on daily basis.
May be they will stay after boom & amnesty but common sense also Agreed to correction...
How come a plot could give 80 Lacs to 1 crore profit within few months?
I will not buy a plot in veerana & 2 crores & above...rather I will buy in:
Phase-8 Block M
Phase-8 Block K ( very promising indeed)
Phase-8 Orchard ( real plot no map change)
Phase-8 Block L & Rose Garden
DHA valley in Bluebell ( only residential)
B-17, yes expensive but MA going to change the whole scenario...
Commercial in phase-8 in hot blocks
CDA I-series

@ZA Sb… I think Abdul Qayyum sb is talking about correction in DHA-3, not about the possession sectors of CDA.

I am totally agree with Abdul Qayyum and it ground reality.


Dear Kashif Ehsan,

AQ means correction about army allocation blocks...J, G, D, E & F not sector A and B which are in possession.


Kashif sb
I already excluded CDAs in my above post.
Nadeem Bhai
I already talked of possession sectors in almost all societies...if they get affected, post boom, they could only become stagnant for sometime but will never go in loss.
Serene city is developed and solid not files.
See in developed dha-3, a 5 Marla reached 80 Lacs because zameen started housing...this is another aspect of valuation of any development...when possession starts, prices are likely to increas little when houses started, no depreciation.....area would get more n more value addition, irrespective of boom, amnesty or any nasty happening around.
My trusted & experienced property office not agreeing to me..I hope I am wrong...
But there is another aspect:
Had I been a rich person.(الحمداللہ اللہ پاک نے اتنا نواز رکھا ہے کہ کونسی قابلیت۔کونسی یکتائ۔کون سا ہنر۔۔)
I would neglect future loss and would live near lake in sector F for weekend fishing & swimming if DHA allows..
There are people who would just buy what they like... from that point of view, dha-3 is just a love bird...

G sir you are right and other hand whole zone-2 possession area will rise further due to MA.


Dear AQ Sb

Please advise where to invest in Isb at the moment, purely for investment purposes. Range 7 Million

Usman sb
Although I am buying but it is not buying time rather it is selling time
I am buying as I will construct & sell In Shaa Allah.
Just wait till budget shows up and then we will analyze the market.
Now prices are increasing on weekly basis in most of the areas.
People are buying but doing smart buying.. buy & sell within days/weeks.
I will advise to hold till budget.

@ AQ

What are the tax implications for buying/selling within few days?

Shahzad sb

Transfer fees & gain tax to be paid if bought & sold not in specified time..big buyouts big gain tax.

Rizwan sb
10 Marla is around 90 Lacs (250 yards)
200 Yards @ 80 Lacs
125 Yards @ 50 Lacs
These are all located in G block army allocation but still on rise
ZA sb
Normally when there is litigation or disputes, you can see road humps & blockages with villagers sitting with lathian & barche...but in entire dha-3, army allocation blocks all the way till last block is clear & motorable and we visited each yard of it.
DHA management also says that they have 100% land acquisition with them.
The only issue is that rates are increasing all the time...