Dha valley bluebell

I have an 8 marla plot in dha valley, bluebell block. What is the current market price and what is your advice regarding selling or holding onto this investment?

Now Ur investment is good and started paying back, provided if Ur plot is ballotted. If not still good as bluebell is nearest to Islamabad highway…8 km only…
Having that said, bridge for access is still under construction & there are litigations in between, too.
But good news is that now in GHQ, DHA valley directorate, good heart General is commanding the litigation problems and once access bridge on DHA expressway is done, Ur plot will go many time higher than initial buyout years before, In Shaa Allah.
In bluebell a ballotted plus possession plot has jumped up to 35 Lacs and only ballotted around 28 Lacs, category 30 Lacs…
DHA expressway is like blue area in design and no one is selling commercials now in bluebell.
My advice hold it and once reached at 60-70 Lacs then sell it but remember, sir, litigations takes time…I think GHQ will succeed in getting litigations sorted out as they use to pay fee 1000s Rs for a Marla to viligers & sell in Lacs to public but now I am witness to a chunk of litigation land…few kanals only…DHA paid crores of Rs to get DHA expressway through.

@yousafnoor what is the best investment under 1 crore in DHA right now?

Hard to assist amid the boom situation now as twin city property has gone beyond any factual projections…
I myself confused upon my own investment & decided to invest in DHA Rahbar Lahore where with my little knowledge, I think it would perform better due to some solid ingredients confirming some profit. …Allah Pak Knows which way it could go.
Have done tiring working for my own stuff but highly unprecedented situation brings me undecided.
As per my two cents, signal free Islamabad highway will surpass Margallat Avenue & from that prospective, dha-5 ten Marla plots seems profitable in nearfuture in ur budget.
Post IH being signal free, there will be 20 minutes drive to reach zero point and all societies around will further add values to each other.
Then come dha-3, which attracts as good as dha-5 but again, as I said before, correction is highly likely…but I think both 5 & 3 will survive, if got hit by correction but time will be taken for revival.
Here 3 seems more attractive as they have all land acquired whereas in 5 litigations are here & there & in dha-6 litigationd exists on street level.
So where are we…dha-3 plots size 10,8,5 Marla’s & in dha-5, 10 Marla could be bought.
Bahria phase-8, L block & Orchards seems good for near future. For longer wait block K is also choice.
Block M in phase-8 now touching 58 Lacs for a 5 Marla…for house building business, M is good as once builders arrive, sectors never go down.
See in dha-3, Zameen builder arrived & a 5 Marla has gone to 85 Lacs!!!
Also I am pretty sure, DHA valley ballotted & possession plots are highly likely to appreciate but wait is more than 2 years seeing the pace of development as we stand…
Dekhain sir, B-17 & I-series took 3 decades to reach at the present level…DHAs took much less time to go over roof & that is the proof of their anticipated success in future.

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thank you very much for that much detailed insight i never ever invested in DHA or bahria but now I am trying to explore further more options. thanks again for the help.

Thanks Nasir sb.
Just my 2 cents.