E-12 Update - Tender For Construction Of Major Roads

E-12 update - tender for construction of major roads

CDA has floated a tender notice for the construction of major roads in sector e-12 worth 408.3 mn

Here's the link if you wana bid for that :)


If, i had the capacity, i should have done that mbs bhai..... Thanks

This is good news for people who hold the world's most expensive piece of paper: file of plot in e-12...!!! I am not as lucky to buy paper so expensive when i can buy piece of land much cheaper.

But best wishes for quick development of e-12 who have suffered for very long :(

Dear mbs,

Were there any allocation in this budget for e-12?


MBS "Make a Link" button is working now

Thanks MBS for sharing this.

All the senior members of the forum...Would u think that cda will start developing e-12 ??

Good question.

Got no answer. :-)

Sir all the problem lies here =)...I think this ian another lolly pop by cda..

Dear mbs:

Was there any allocations included in the current budget of cda for the development of e-12?


What are the chances btw that the jump that plots-prices got recently in e-12 would subside or it would continue going up if the tender materialises?