F-9 Park for Sale

Government is considering to mortgage F-9 park to raise Rs.500 bn.

Eminent economist Qaiser Bengali has opposed the move saying that govt would not be able to pay back and would eventually end up losing the park.


I would like a know if this is a good investment and is there a chance to own a piece of F-9 park. Also, is it legally possible to sell/purchase a public park?

Please keep the discussion apolitical. I know it would be difficult, but we can try focusing on merits and modalities of this scheme.

Tauba astaghfirullah sir

-- Against Sukook (bonds) that hardly worked before and with GDP down the drain, as ever doesnt sound lucrative!

-- The loan obtained for what purposes? Some funds for development/Infrastructure/industrialisation or mere debt servicing?

-- Investment funds are normally some operational assets like Airlines/Industry that is generating revenue and you benefit from the revenue as monthly or fiscal dividend. F9 Park seems a pledge against borrowed money just like bank lends someone a loan against pledged property of that someone. Bank many not get much benefit out of that house but in case of default the bank owns it to sale and recover so it's that sort of scenario.

In such deal the ultimate winner is a broker and here we have too many pursuing cuts and commissions! Anyone out of that league just relax and see!

For now it's a proposal, if that materialises some day mega investor only see that as a source asset of recovery in case of borrower's default! More details needed as how much yield on the issued bonds.

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