F16 JHCHS Islamabad Investment

I want to invest 2 million in F16 JKCHS is it the right time to. Invest there any other options available.

The question is for how long can you keep this amount invested...F-16 can generate good returns once development starts, but when will that happen, nobody knows for sure, could be a few months, maybe a year or more. So if you are looking at atleast 3 years investment, F-16 could be good, but beware that only F-16/4 is acquired along with part of F-16/3. F-16/1 and 2 are not acquired yet. Also I have a feeling, F-16/4 prices may be more than your budget.

Thanks bro for reply i want to.invest in 30×60 plot in f16/3 its around 22 i want to ask doea this area of land is aquired by society and how long maximum they will take to develop and how much gain can i expect from 3 year investment here

I believe 75% of F-16/3 is acquired but you will have to check with your dealer regarding the specific plot, its usually indicated on the latest map. The returns will depend on whether and when development starts. You could use prices in adjoining F-15/2 as a reference where development has already been going on for some time. Its hard to make any prediction, if the development starts within a year, you could expect between 50%-60% returns in 3 years time, but thats just a shot in the dark. I have never been good with forecasting, maybe other members could give you a better idea.

Yes syedamjad is right. You will notice that f-16/2 is cheaper than the rest of the f-16 sector as its still involved in land disputes. Its been a while now and still in disputes. F-16/4 is fully acquired hence is more expensive than the whole f-16 sector. Jkchs have been playing games with this f-16 as development should have started along time ago. They announced in beginning of year that development will start before end of year but their are no signs of it so far, just appear to be false promises.

Thanks syed ahmad and sheikh abdul i am looking for 7 marla.plot in f16/3 and hope developments starts soon can u tell me regarding any other potential sector good for investment of 2 millio for 3 years generating higher returns

I was actually interested in investing in f-16 when I bought in zone v but got put off with their false promises, and the fact that so much time has gone by and still in land disputes hence I avoided.

If you can add about 2-3 lacs, you can try and get a decent 5 marla plot in Safari Valley Bahria town in Ali Block. It should give a good return. You can also get a 5 marla in bahria enclave....but somehow, I am not too sure about its prices as its still mostly non-possession and years away from getting populated. Yet its got some investor interest. You can also try your luck there if you want.

Dear saeed f 16 3 is a good option for investment i will suggest u to try to increase ur budget and buy a 40 x 80 plot around 3 million in f 16 3 as land is clear in 40 x 80 section. However in 30 x 60 few plots are disturbed and also maximum rate is 21 lac not more then it for a good location plot and for a normal plot its not more then 20. It is a good investment but only for those people who can wait for 2 years minimum not for 2 or 3 months.

Development will start first in F-16/4 then F-16/1 because it it phase 1 (F-16/4 , F-16/1) . It is clearly mention on CDA Website www.cda.gov.pk that F-16/4 AND F-16/1 Is call phase 1 and phase 1 always get first develop... We have a few example in front of us like G-16/4 and 3 are phase 1 .and G-16/1 and 2 is phase 2. Here phase 1 got first development .second example is E-16/3 andE-16/ 2 is pahse 1 and E-17 is phase 2. Here also phase 1 got first development.

F-16/3 Is a second phase and 3060 plot come unaquired land its clearly mention in CDA website www.cda.gov.pk that which land in F-16 is acquired and which is not acquired. The land which is not acquired they have lining on it and mentioned in CDA website clearly. Its better to buy 3060 plot in F-16/1 In 2 hundred series which is good series in F-16/1 for 30*60 plot. Also its lies in your range around 18.25 .

@M.Tahir. That is an interesting explanation that you have provided. If that is how its going to be, then the question is, what is the status of land acquisition in F-16/1? My understanding is that after F-16/4, it is 3 which is mostly acquired and F-16/1 has more problems. Do you have any info on that? Thanks.

Dear Tahir, CDA website is still showing NOC not issued for F-16 where as i think it is issued. I think like most of the govt websites, this site is also not updated and trust worthy as it is showing old data and documents.

CDA website is also showing old map of CDECHS E-16/3 where as the actual development on ground is not as per this map. It is as per the new map which is still not uploaded on CDA site.

M tahir thanks for ur reply can u post the exact link of the cda site where it shows thr.map of acquired land in f16 i was unable to find the map u r talking about

Muhammad i have checked jkchs web site.it is.also.showing that noc is not issued by cda yet so.it might not be issued as yet

From CDA website it is clearly shows all of us that F-16/4 AND F-16/1 Is clear and only patches is required to clear. Patches mean small piece of land which get clear with time being while development. U can see in CDA website that either F-16/3 is more clear or F-16/1 . F-16/1 Is clear except small patches while F-16/3 major portion is not clear and have lining on it. Location wise F-16/3 Is best than F-16/1 but land acquisition wise F-16/1 is best than F-16/3.

@M.Tahir. Thanks for that info.

Layout plan and enginerring design for F-16 is approved as u can check on CDA website www.cda.gov.pk and also jkchs website www.jkchs.com . NOC is issued you can confirm from society number 051-2227601

F-16 is a very good and secure place to make ur investment double in a short time period coz of location and 3rd biggest society after DHA AND BAHRIA. G-13 got first developemnt than D-12 and now u can see D-12 prices is high as compare G-13 coz of location. Same like after development it wil eazily cross B-17,CDEHCS,MUMTAZ CITY,I-14, TC,PECHS in prices coz of location.

As you said NOC is approved for F16 but CDA site showing not apporved.

Similarly we cannot trust the map at CDA site also if it is the latest map or old one. Now on ground situation can be different from map as the map is of 2005.

And as i shared, same is the case with CDECHS, on ground construction is totally different from the map on CDA site. Site is still showing old map.

Therefore CDA site is not updated and trustworthy on the whole.

Thanks all of u for ur repli i have sorted a plot in f16/3 can u tell me the worth of 30×60 plot there