Faisal hills c block !!!

What is your opinion about faisal hills c block? Installment option is available now
Any suggestion for buying 5 marla plot file?

If buying 5 marla stick to Faisal Hills A block. Right now market is dependent on margalla avenue.

C will rise when motorway interchange is materialized. Even if they get approval it will take 1 to 2 years to build interchange.

But margalla avenue is becoming reality already as FWO started work on it.

Dear Imran Sahib

What do you think I should take a plot in C block because my budget is less please guide me.

If your budget is less than buy a 435 wali file on minimum profit. Pay 2 installments and request zedem office GM to allot you some good plot number in block C of Faisal Hills.

Inshallah they will get a plot number in 7000+/_ series.

Dear Imran Sahib

Thanks for your suggestion and my budget is 3.5M in this budget can i take a plot in A or B block?

Yes. Non-posession with land fully acquired by the society. Do not buy anything where land is not acquired yet.

But i have search,no 5 marla plot is available in this budget in A or B block.can u please tell me what can i do?

In 3.5m so many options available in b block. Or you can buy fully developed possession plot in new city phase 2 executive block under 29 lac, its location is almost same as fhc but rates is note hyped, as new city management dont favor big investor and only targets end customer. Its value for money and development is very good.

Dear Nasir Sahib,

can u please tell me what options available in B block in this budget i am willing to buy a plot.

Dear Usman rehman,

Well said Nasir bhai go to possession plot in new city phase 2 executive block which is in your budget and fully developed.



New City development standards are no comparison to the potential Faisal Hills hold.

Look in to B block, anything that has clear land is good plot. Should be able to find one around 30 to 32 lac.

If the purpose is for construction and living, then New city phase 2 is much better than FH. Underground water table depth is 60-80 ft and quality is very good. Dont know personally about FH but area around Margalla Hills is known to have very deep water table.

Do consider this factor if buying for living.

There is a possession in New City Phase 2, development is also good,Faisal hills C Block and new city executive Block is nearby But why new city rates are not going up?

Because new city doesn’t take dealers and big investors in the loop and they target the end customer, there are very few incentives offered to big investors and dealers, even this 29 lac plot had only 20K rebate for dealer, but FH and other societies give upto 150K rebate on selling just 4 lac file. So the dealers and investors are not building hype for it. Its very good value for money society for end customer who want the build there houses but not so lucrative for investment purposes.

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Yesterday I visited Faisal Hills C Block. A friend of mine has advised me to purchase file in C Block and submit installments.Will it be safe?

I think the price of Faisal Hill Plots/Files are appreciated a lot & at any time it will burst as the thing are far away from the reality, as they are almost touching CDA I series sector which is very near to main Capital & Rawalpindi cantt.

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Usman Bhai, can you share the details of the installment option?

Saqib ,
The speedy game any time can stop but and winner will be who has holding power other wise the small investor who is carrying total amount to earn the profit may got stuck .FH was like stock exchange market which is bad thing new comer

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