Finance Property While Living in UK.

Can i get a loan or mortage for a plot whilst living in the uk.

Hey zack how could it be possible for any bank to provide you with the loan while you aren’t even physically present here in pakistan. Are you connected to any bank like any transactions are done ? Than may be the bank be willing to provide you with the loan.

Actually, you can. For example see: http://www.Faysalbank.Com/personal/consumer-lending/faysal-home-finance/

Several home financing products offered by pakistani banks have options for non resident pakistanis, nrp's.

Here you go dear nadir made your life easy the link is awsum for you… The eligibility criteria for Non Resident Pakistani can apply for this loan.

One thing more they’ve mentioned neither non resident pakistanis nor non pakistani residents.

It does, see under eligibility criteria:

Eligibility criteria

Applicant to be between 21 to 60 years of age. Resident of pakistan or a non resident pakistani.

In my opinion, for any overseas pakistani or expatriate, buying a property in pakistan using borrowed money or bank loan is not a good idea. The only exception to this would be a very calculated move to buy a property which you would be flipping in the short run.