G-14/1 Market Prices

Dear all,

I have a 25x40 plot in g-14/1. What is its current market price?


Mr salman price is in the range of 27 lakhs to 33 lakhs depending on the location.


Thx for your response aleem sb. I bought the plot in may for 17.5 lacs. My prperty dealer called me the other day and offered me 30lacs. I was surprised. I intend to sell it and buy 25x50 in e 12. Wot do you suggest?

E-12 is a very good sector, recently i saw a news which says cda is planning to start development in e-12 soon, it means the prices of e-12 will increase rapidly.

You are right abbas sb but some ppl are saying that the news has been published just to gear up the prices for the time being. I am not sure wot to do. I have asked for advise from the freinds in zameen.Com. Lets see wot they suggest. Thanks for you response abbas sb

Dear u dn have possession in g14/1 as well as in e12. But it seems that it will be easy for cda to start work in e12 as comparison to g14/1. So i suggest u e12.

Engr aleem sb. E 12 will be developed by cda whereas g-14 would be developed by housing foundation. Anyway i feel like selling my flat for e-12 my flat is on third floor g 11/3 900 sq ft housing foundation. I think i should keep my investment in g14/1 intact and in order to invest in e 12 i should sell my flat coz i bought my flat in 2011 for 32 lacs and its price is 38-42 now plus two years rent of almost 4 lacs. So the value of flat has hardly increased by a million during the two years. On ther other side when i was buying this fla,t a plot in e 12 (30x60) was for rs 22 lacs and 25x40 for rs 12. This means my property would be worth 60 lacs (return on investment would be almost double) if i had invested the amount of my flat in e 12

Yes you have a very good analysis. Go for it