G-14 vs mumtaz city vs bani gala vs gulberg residencia.

G-14/3 and g-14/2 islamabad - good for home construction or not?

I am currently evaluating between g-14/2&3, mumtaz city, bani gala and gulberg to construct a home on 10 or 12 marla land. Currently i am more inclined towards g-14/3 due to easy access to islamabad.

Would appreciate expert advice on which area to go for keeping in mind a tight budget.

Major considerations are:
1- ease of access to islamabad
2- availability of basic amenities like electricity, gas, water and security.
3- price with respect to plot size (as i have to save up for construction cost as well)
4- how liveable will the place be in 1.5 years time.
5- future price appreciation expected.

Looking forward to receiving advice from forum members and experts. Jazakallah.

Dear Tahir Qureshi,

In your option.I like I-14 developed and possession area.


Thank you Nadeem sb. What are the rates there ? Is it liveable now? I believe the access is not that good at the moment.

Would really appreciate some expert advice here.

I think Nadeem bhai meant G-14, I also think G-14 is best option if plot price is not your concern.

Yes Nasir Bhai i mean G-14.


Mr Qureshi for your stated requirements your inclination towards G14 makes more sense

The water situation is very worst in G-14 the biggest draw back.As underground water(boring) is also not available.

Faisal town is also the good option for living and price appreciation in near future.

I think you must buy plot at jhangi sayedan…cheap plot,all amenities like tandoor wala, murghi wala,roti wala, milk wala near by. Plot 10 marla cost 22 lac and can construct house in 60 lac…no water gas or electricity issues…on main GT road

G-14 has huge water problem, please be aware about it.

Thank you for the suggestions. What other credible area would you suggest to go for ?

No doubt water issue is in whole zone-2


It all depends on your requirements and the quality of life you are looking for. G14 is a great option but as mentioned by many it has water issues which are really serious apart from that I think it has a huge potential in terms of growth.

Gulberg Residencia is good if you consider access to GT Road and also its signal free now from blue area and main Islamabad hub is completely accessible.

Bani Gala is going through a lot of legal issues at this time but the life in there is very peaceful but the property values are not going to increase as much as G14

So is the water issue in G14 similar to water issues in G11?

Can someone elaborate further on this please.

Mr Tahir Qureshi

One of your stated options under consideration is Banigala to which i would ad my two cents. I would suggest you to explore the land around and/or past IKs estate upper banigala that is a much better location compared to the congested main banigala village. Some new piece of land of few hundred kanals came up for sale during last year and it might be selling for some premium by investors now. Still i beleive its good value for money as the location and access is much better. Accesible direct from muree road through korang road avoiding all of banigala. Some part of the new land for sale was contracted out to Karkun construction so roads/streets construction must be ongoing. On my last visit to pk few months ago i observed a few villas already under construction too.

Its a location definitly worth a visit and then judge for yourself.

@slick.. Thank you for your suggestion. I visited that area and found it very lucrative. Sewerage is a main Issue in bani gala along with unplanned landscape. But all in all its a good option to consider.

How would the experts rate bahria enclave in this context ?

You are welcome Mr Qureshi I only shared some details about banigala because you stated it is one of your options under consideration. In terms of planning, amenities and future price appreciation G14 would be the top option. I dont have much knowledge of bahria etc so hopefuly some experts would shed light on that for you soon.

Not only G-14, G-13 has the same chorionic shortage of water. BTs & DHAs are good in the sense that they are located on the river banks, DHA valley on the dam itself, as they followed the centuries old town-making philosophy: Make livings near the rivers.

I thought buying a big piece of land in bani gala is far better than any other options