G-17 !!! Supreme court housing society

Dear property guru's

What is your opinion about sc housing society? Is it ok to invest here at this time?

Usman brother:

There for sure is some movement in the market. Prices have increased.

-- Read somewhere about some development work to be initiated in 2 subsectors (though can't recall it precisely)

-- Heard from a source about Faisal Town buying it out or some land from G-17 (still a rumor)

It will rise for sure but for now a bit caution before jumping into it right away.

Dear Imtiaz Sahib,

Thanks for your opinion,please tell me Actually I have a 3.5 million budget. The rest I can do on the installment. Tell me a society where I can buy a plot and the rest of the money on the installment.

G-17 have lot of issues l. Land acquisitions from natives are not fully done. Society transfers were banned for quite long and issues still exist. If you have hardly earned money in hand to invest go for possession plots in your budget and avoid such societies.

For 3.5 million budget explore Faisal Hills, Faisal Residencia (less risky then G17).

Safe options to look into are:

Upcountry enclosures, Foechs, CBR2, Green Enclave. If you can stretch the budget in about 4 million plus you can get some options in Bahira Enclave sector N.

Usman brother, Khalid sb has very rightly pointed out options in that budget. Avoid files, unless reputable project and atleast ballotted.

I will also add Airport Green Garden to the list shared by Khalid sb.

Agree with other respected members, only go for possession plots.

In fact, I called Faisal Hills and asked if 5 Marla plots are available. He said that all the plots are now available at investor rates but those plots are out of my budget.I am now confused as to where I can get a plot in such a budget. Will the investment in New City Phase II be okay?Or the other option is Taj Residency. Is it okay to take a plot there?

Taj is at stand still so not advised for now!

New city possession plot in starting blocks are good to go with. Do not go fornunder developed options. You can easily find possession plots in your budget in FOECHS, UPCOUNTRY and CBR2

Dear Khalid Sahib,

what is your suggestion about Foreign Office,Upcountry Enclosure,CBR 2 Which of these societies is good where plots can be taken?

All three are equally good options. Foechs is the project of Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and secure option. Transfer is carried out in the society office inside foriegn office. Upcountry is good better development then foriegn office. Infact the same developer was involved in the development of foriegn office society. Cbr 2 is low in price and if you go for possession plot there it will cost you less then other two.

Price appreciation would be the same in all these options in the future.

Thank you very much for your advice. Can you tell me why the rates for New City Phase 2 are not going up?why the rates of Faisal Hills are increasing day by day.And that's why I'm a little confused.Tell me which option is the best.

Faisal Hills

New city phase 2



Cbr 2.