Good Idea to Liquidate Plots and Start New Business? But Which Business?

Is it a good idea to sell some plots and start a business with a few crores?

But Which business? For example if plots are liquidated and the cash is spent on constructing a 4-5 Marla commercial plaza in partially populated area and manage own business such as restaurant or shops, will this business produce better result or will plots produce better result?

Business will be much better.

Any business related to Fashion will have good growth. Women spend money like crazy.

Also, education related businesses has profit too. Food businesses are extremely good but requires a lot of vigilance even on holidays.

Fashion, Education, Food and dairy businesses are good.

Malik Sb: What do you think about tuitions of O/A Levels in Islamabad.. I've done them myself and then did engineering from UK with good grades. Currently, thinking of shifting to Islamabad so I might do tuitions in Islamabad until I get a proper job here or abroad, and even if I get a decent job in Pak, tuitions can be a source of good extra money. Also, if you could tell me about solar business, is that good?

Yes tutors are making a killing. Rs 30 thousand per Kid for important o level, a level and igcse subjects. But I'm thinking on the lines of boutique plus tailoring unit plus coffee shop book shop - all in one building.

Yes very good idea as you will earn from both business and capital gains on property.

Restaurants are also good business. They are also very risky but margin is very high if it turns out to be a success.

Service stations are also good if you can find a good location.

Sorry Junaid. I typed a reply two days back and browser crashed. Writing again require a big heart. Yes. O/A level tuitions are good service business. People are earning a lot on it if groups can be managed. Best thing about it is having no overheads. Islamabad has most percentage of O-/A level students.

At the cost of repetition, I would again say that Fashion is often neglected business but has a lot of profit.

Thanks a lot Malik Sb and Faheem Sb..

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Some tutors are charging Rs 40 thousand per kid for one subject in O/A levels or igcse. It is a good idea to start a tuition centre.

40k per kid per subject? Wow.. If I teach two subjects to two kids in 4 hrs on weekdays, that would be 160k per month..

Only the best ones charge this much for individual coaching of a kid.

I won't brag much but I think I won't be less than the best.. ;)

Then you can do it by working on building a reputation

I believe a return on investment of 25-60% which you would get in investing intelligently in property wouldn't get elsewhere. DHA Lahore would give you returns (profits) as high as 60% which are next to impossible for most businesses to generate. I believe with a good real estate consultant you can get more benefits than any other business.

But in real estate there are long periods of stagnancy. You get lucky sometimes and unlucky on other occasions.

Property business is fluctuating with area. Like working in defense and making money with your existing amount is tough with few crores.

If you like to play safe, better to set up a shop and try to live within your means. That is tension free.

If you are a risk taking individual, then do active trading in plots. Keep up the buying and selling. Be very active on forums, and keep doing visits of societies and dealer offices to get market intel.

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