Gray structure

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What does a "gray structure" include?
What is the per sq. Cost of gray structure in rwp/isb.


Gray structure include




Cement Plaster to wall

Under ground water tank

Roof water Tank

Septic tank also

rate for gray is

with material 1350 per sq ft

labor rate 290 per sq ft



Rs975 P/sft

You can see our work at We don`t repeat any design that we have made before. We charge 300 per sq. Ft for grey structure.

Although, cost depends upon the scope of projects. It varies as per your requirements.

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Dear mansoor,

details of grey strucure work

Survey, Estimate of cost, Lay out of work, excavation, PCC of foundations , Brick work, Steel work, Electric, Sanitary and Sewerage piping, Steel work for red structure, Roof concrete,Gas and Multimedia wires Piping, In and Outside complete grey plaster,roof treatment with insulation,floors PCC.

price of per sq ft is 900 to 1500 dependent on design and plot status.

Thanks a lot everyone for your time.

Gray structure basically includes the following things:

* Plot marking according to architectural drawings

* Excavation

* Foundation

* PCC Filling

* Steel work

* Walls

* Roof

* Cement plaster inside and outside

* Installation of water tanks

* Installation of sewerage and sanitary piping

* Gas and electric piping, and wiring

Some of things may or may not be included in the gray structure – depending on the contract agreed upon. So, be mindful when signing the contract, you may want to negotiate it.

As far as cost is concerned, it will be somewhere around 1,300 to 1,500 rupees per sq ft.

Assalam o alikum,

Dear Mansoor,

Things included in Grey structure are already discussed above, Construction cost of Structure with good material is almost same for all categories because we should avoid cost cutting on structure otherwise whole building will be a scrape, Categories can be seen in finishing work for example, for A+ we use imported sanitary fittings,imported Tiles, high quality wood work, for A we use best local fittings and doors, for B normal quality is use. Rate of Imported Material and Local best has a huge cost difference, So cost maybe like as,

A+ = RS 4200 - 4500 /sqft

A = RS 3500 - 3800 /sqft

B = Rs 2800 - 3000 /sqft

Structure is about

Rs 1500 - 2000 per /sqft


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Can someone explain how is square footage measured I.e its single storey or double storey