Grey structure

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please tell me what is included in grey structure, i am making a house in b17. He is saying grey work does not include plaster and we agreed on 1000 per sq ft for grey structure and 1800 for finished with material. What should be done if he does not agree with plaster? I want to let upper story as grey and finish lower only. Big big mistake to give on material basis.

To be precise, Grey structure includes plaster work..Usually known as tesi karandi in labor language, this work includes all the plaster works and flooring fixation as well.

One more thing, unfinished floor would be very difficult to let.Hardly anybody would be ready to shift in grey structure.

Yes I am thinking of leaving it for the future, thing is it will save me cost. But the contractor is not willing to do plaster and saying ask anyone nobody does plaster in grey work. He wants me to finish both storeys and i dont have enough budget. Now he is saying that if i want ground finished and first grey so first floor will be left as bricks and cement only no plaster, no pipes or anything which is ridiculous. I have already paid the amount for grey structure. How to deal with him, this is dhokabazi

Frankly speaking, he seems to me a bull shit man..Beware..Who is he to force you to finish both the floors?its your choice.He has to charge for the things you want..Try to get rid of him.

Structure is never left like this, one floor plastered and other one as vice-versa..

Yes, I told him grey structure includes plaster but he said ask anyone in B17 they will say grey structure does not. I will roam around in block b main road market and talk to people about this as his office is there too. He took full money for grey structure as we thought area was big but turned out that the bloody architect did a lot of mistakes in calculating it so now I told thekadar to find area by measuring tape. Do you know any tagra or well-reputed builder in B17?

Junaid sb try to get rid of him other wise he will be constant source pain for you..We are just going to start our home in dha 2 and we found a very good architect after an effort of 1.25 year.Mind it, while constructing never construct your building in haste even if you have to wait for considerable period to get a reasonable man.Sorry to say but your research and dealings seems to me flawed since nobody like this hands over whole amount to thaikedaars. I would simply suggest that get your money back and try to find a reasonable man other wise be ready for constant headache.

Saadi bhai, Could you name the architect with address details and the rate negotiated?


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We are really sorry to hear all this.

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