Gulberg Greens or Bahria Enclave?

I want to invest 25 million . Kindly suggest me whether to go for bahria or gulberg

It's a very tough choice , both have their pros and cons and both are good in different ways.

If you are investing from purely return angle then I would suggest greens

But if you also have a chance of building and living immediately or you want to sell after building, then Enclave looks good,

This is an interesting thread.

@YC - You mentioned there are pros and cons of both (Greens Vs. Bahria Enclave). Could you please elaborate more and compare both especially in terms of living. If someone is planning to build a house to live there then which one is better in terms of facilities, infrastructure, schools, hospital etc...

It would be great if someone can compare both. I think this would be helpful for others as well.



One more thing, I am not talking about living immediately (I know the current development status) - it would be atleast couple of years. Where you see both after let's say 2 years.


4 kanal plots available in Gulberg green around 22 million to 30 million range, in next 3 years 22 million plot would get 3 to 5 million gain, while if you invest 25 million in Enclave you can get 4 to 5 plots of different sizes and each plot can get 1 to 2 million gain in next 3 years, so Enclave seems better option but prices in Enclave these days are at peak and they maybe come down little bit for sometime, but for 3 years timeframe still Enclave seems better option.

If you talking about Gulberg residencia then that is totally different story. Gulberg residencia is something else, it is good but it will take more time and currently Enclave seems better for investment.

@YC/ @Mr. Khan,

Could you please reply my question above? This is regarding Bahria Enclave vs. Gulberg Green Farm houses in terms of living. I am not talking about for investment. This is totally for living in lets say after 2 years insha Allah.

Which would be better alongwith all facilities (Like the facilities you have abroad).


I will post my detailed comparison tomorrow

At the moment Gulberg green is better option because Enclave flying without any reason.


@Brother Nadeem,

So far whatever I have heard - I came to conclusion that Gulberg Green(Farm houses) is the top notch/best/high ended/best standards area as compared to Enclave/Bahria Town. I am talking in terms of living standards and facilities like abroad. Do you think my assessment is true OR you think there is any other place in Islamabad which is better than this?

The reason I am asking here is this - if you talk to any agent who is dealing in Enclave then he might be leaning towards Enclave and vice versa. I am trying to get an honest opinion on this forum from experts like you and brother Mr. Khan etc...

Most of the people build house once in the life time, so it's very important to pick a place which is good.

I would appreciate if you can elaborate more on this. I have watched this documentary of Greens on YouTube and sound appealing. Not sure if they will build it according to their claims.



From the facilities point of view, enclave might have an edge over gulberg, as gulberg still has a long way to go in proving itself when it comes to developing a proper community with all essential commercial and residential facilities, while Bahria is proven in this regard,

Enclave is already ahead of greens when it comes to number of structures built, but green might catch up very soon, with many farm houses and a lot of large commercial buildings under construction, Telenor head office is almost complete, perhaps some member who works in Telenor could post when are they planning on shifting their offices to gulberg, it would indeed give a boost to greens' ratings and attention in the market,

I think at the end, both are very good investments from both living and investment point of view, enclave has a little compromised location due to its 6-7 kms distance from Rawal dam road, greens has an excellent location with its own interchange, enclave might attract better brands and shops sooner than they would arrive in greens, but for now greens residents can travel to PWD for their immediate daily needs,

So in my opinion it depends on which one you like commuting to and from on daily basis,

I am living in Qatar and want to buy a plot for living (8 or 5 marla) in Bahria enclave but the prices are going high day by day. Could you please advise me, is this the good time to buy a plot in Bahria Enclave or should I wait? If I've to wait then how long do I need to wait, any idea?



Rashid sb I think prices In enclave are not likely to come down, enclave has slowly established itself, price might remain the same or not increase significantly but doesn’t look like coming down, so waiting might not be a good option. This goes for phase 8 as well.

Rashid Khan sb, if you are buying for living purposes, than buy now,,,, I don't think prices are going to come down any significantly.


Enclave in itself is very good but one has to give a serious thought to the access!

A long deserted road and clogged with traffic. Now it is ok but after sometime it may prove a permanent headache for daily commuters!

Another aspect for especially University going girls, driving back home on 20 plus km deserted road in late hours!

Enclave lovers should also think of DHA-5 small plots. I might be wrong but I think construction in DHA-5 blocks will pick up speed in 2-3 years and driving on a signal free wide road could prove better versus the bottle neck traffic on Kuri road en route to Enclave!

Totally agreed with AQ sb.

YC sir in my opinion enclave has slowly established itself but sir i tjink the recent hike is nothing more than an engineered game because the amount by which plots had an increment is surely not justified.


I am still waiting for your detailed comparison on Gulberg Green Vs. Enclave. Which one is better in terms of living after couple of years.

Based on my analysis, I have concluded that Gulberg Greens Farm houses is the best housing society with all the features of state of the art living(“Like living abroad”). Do you think this is the Best living place in Islamabad? Please advise. I would like to hear from the experts like you and other fellows to get a neutral/honest opinion.

If I talk to any dealer then their opinion could be biased so that’s why I want to open this discussion here.

Brother Mr. Khan/Nadeem Ahmed, Saadi_aquari, Abdul Qayyum - please share your inputs as well if you have some time.

Jazakallah Kher.

Well I am no expert but AQ sb, Nadeem Sb, Khan Sb, and Saadi bhae all have given their opinion above, I agree with all of the gents above

my detailed post is gone in pending for approval:(

Sal Khan I think you should visit both the societies, only then decide

And to say that Gulberg greens is the best housing society would be a bit of an overstatement, it might become one of the best in the future but it will depend on IB’s performance,

No doubt both are good but it all depends on your perspective

Sal Khan if you are undecided between Greens and Enclave then I think its not a very fair comparison, in greens 4 kanal good farm in best block would cost you 3.5cr plus minus, while in enclave 1 kanal good plot in best block would cost you 1.5-1.65 cr so you can see its really not the comparison, gulberg's residencia would be competing with enclave but only when IB starts dev work on residencia

Based on my personal experience, one thing I can assure is that in future, greens farms would be out of reach, their prices have already gone high in last one year due to many reasons, and it might increase further,

Sal Khan..YC has given enough of the points to ponder but let me share my view point. Gulberg Greens is totally a lavish living concept with the plot size of 1 kanal= 600 syds (OLD proper Kanal).So i think this is not fair to compare enclave with greens since both societies are for different target audience with variation in life style.If you ask for my personal choice, i would prefer greens over enclave any day because of following reasons:

1-Central location along with a proper access from highway through underpass

2-Big plot size for lavish living

3-Excellent development standards.