Guru Election Comments And Analysis

Friends, please comment on elections here. Don't comment on the ballot box. The ballot box is only for voting.


Apple and Saadi .. Please edit your comments and put only ONE NAME on the ballot box. One name for Guru please.

No other words. Thanks.

We will automatically have a list of who got runner up votes and third place etc

Ok I have put only one name. By the way can someone vote for themselves?

Thanks. Yes self voting is allowed.

Syed ibrahim

Sinful bhai - yahan sirf comment and analysis ho raha hey. Voting Ballot Box waali post pey karein. Thanks!

Request for Pin to the Top:

If Zameen Admin can pin to the top the other post which says "Ballot Box ... Election of Real Property-Guru"

Also if they can remove posts which contain multiple entries and comments. Thanks!

That will be great!

@Baluch: You have put us in a trouble of choosing one name out of almost 10 property experts:) This is in-fact a tough task! Why not to consider all those your listed people as property GURUS?... Probably I missed that if you had already mentioned why this balloting is being done.

IB .. Because in any case we will have a list of highest votes, second highest etc.

Cannot count votes with 2 names on it.

Baloch sorry I read your comments late, I have mentioned two names give half half votes from my side as I can't segregate these two names :)

Dear Baloch,

We cannot comply with your request since unfortunately, the option to Pin the thread on Top is not yet available to us. But this is a good idea nonetheless. We've taken a note of this and will work to develop this feature soon, inshAllah.

Meanwhile, keep posting and all the best for your elections.


Zameen Admin

@Baluch: thank you for your reply. But my point is whether the criteria defined by ZAMEEN.COM for property gurus (i.e., no. Of posts) is not enough that we are here redefining by voting that who is property guru. Pls not that I'm not going in any disagreement with what is being done through balloting. However, I'm just clarifying it; as I earlier mentioned "Probably I missed that if you had already mentioned why this balloting is being done". I'm aware that in another thread forum members have criticized the criteria of defining ranks on the basis of no. Of posts only.

Thank you Zameen Admin.

Thank you IB. This is not my election, it is our election!

Now we will know whose opinions are most popular.

Awaz-e-Khalq ko Naqara-e-Khuda samjho!

I think users/readers new or old should not be impressed by different Titles, property Guru etc.

They should analyze and think about every post as this was first post of that user(even if he is property guru with thousand of posts) and double check this with current market trends from different sources, other then web.

it is so hard to earn money for salaried persons, if someone is misguided and he invested in wrong place, what can be more worse than that.

Use the thing called brain.

Supercomputers will achieve one human brain capacity by 2020, and personal computers will do so by about 2030.

And in 2014 a super computer can do 33,860 trillion calculations per second.

Ur mind is more powerfull if use.

Guru should be on the basis of Best Answers only...This balloting has no worth at all...

One who can serve here and got appriciation from the users and the only existing evaluation is BEST ANSWER...

Stay Blessed.


There is nothing in title, why not remove all the titles?

Problem solved.

Who is winning?

Here is the link to the Ballot Box:-