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Hls homeland security is offering complete wireless gsm monitored alarm system

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• I-shield pro is an start of art new generation burglar alarm system, complementing all needs to secure a home completely wireless (not even a inch of wire).

• With interactive voice enabled LED touch keypad.

• i-shield pro has a built in GSM module to provide redundancy to PSTN (PTCL) line. With this feature a user can connect with monitoring station seamlessly.

• In addition to providing basic intrusion protection this system can detected and alarm authorities in case of gas leakage etc.

• Ordinary wired alarm system provides fixed number of zones i.e 6 to 8 but with i-Shield pro is a hybrid system and a home/outlet can be divided up to 32+8 Zones. With the freedom of 32 individual wireless zones each window of home can be identified and immediate reaction can be taken on marked zone.

• i-shield pro also allows users to do automation with their electric appliances and control them wirelessly with the key fob.

• i-shield pro can be operated with Android or iphone applications to arm or disarm the system

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