Home loan without intrest


How cud i get rs.10,00,000/- loan without intrest for home construction, if there any way to get it ?

No answer from anyone means NO WAY.

Interest is running in our economic system like blood running in our bodies.

No way

Best thing is to save and avoid loan even without interest as life is unexpected. Save and do your projects when you have enough.

No way one can build house by save bit by bit every month.

Go for boli wali committee and pay accordingly.


Although it is very difficult,but can you try with "Akhuwat"....

May be they can help you in this case but still I am not sure..

Thanks & Best Regards

Naeem Nawaz

Yeh "Boli Wali Committee" kiya hy? Yeh koi Goli to nhe hy?


This committee is run by professional normally at business circles ,e.g u go for 1 Mil comitte every month they bid committee rather than choosing , the lowest bidder from committee member gets it .remaining money balance is distributed among other members


Pakistan is a HUB of Business now a days, so there is NO GOLI Woli..

Our ALL people are very honest,hard worker,sincere,friendly,and peaceful.

So anyone can start any business in Pakistan without any type of fear.

We always welcome every one from all over the world business minded people.

Sure companies will earn a hell of money from Pakistan.Pakistan is a very big market with 200 million people.

International companies can take full advantage from such type of big,strong,good environment,and huge population.

Thanks & best Regards

Naeem Nawaz Sb, yeh ap Pakistan ki baat ker rhay hein ya Canada ki?



No I am talking for our own country, Pakistan Not Canada..forget about Canada or any other country. Our own Country is very big & strong,with its honest and hard working people.

All international companies have a chance NOW to sell their products to 200 million people. It is a very very big market.

International companies are taking very keen interest in our market.

aur iss k illawa mery bhyee hume apny he mulk k baray mein positive sochna hy na k doosray mulkon k baaray mein...Kash k hum apny he mulk k baary mein aur apne he logo k baaray mein ache ache baatein krien ta k doosray log bhe hume acha kehin aur yahan pr aa kr business krien .... I hope u understand my point of view.

Naeem Nawaz Sb, I do appreciate your positive approach... But at the same time, we can't negate the ground realities...

Our own people are not investing in Pakistan due to prevailing situation in the country...

Sirf kehnay se kuch nhe hota... You need things on ground, which in my view are missing at the moment in Pak. I wish and pray that our beloved homeland become secure, stable and progressive in the coming future.


Yes , Nawaz ,Pakistan s future is bright ,

A. Haseeb, future is bright but Naeem Nawaz is very optimistic in his approach.

@Khurram Munir

Yes, you can get such interest free loan if you are a Jewish man living in Israel. They only charge interest from Non-Jewish people!!!

Only way if you take loan from family or friend

I am in same situation as you.




Dear Mr,Khan & ALL..

Thanks for your appreciation..I would like to comment as follows:-

1- Mr.Khan,yes agreed that our own people are not investing due to some problems, but dear brother,same problems are there in the whole world and almost all countries of the world not only in our country.

2- Now the question is how we can motivate our own people as well as others ? Can we motivate them for talking always negative things about our own people,our own institutions,our own systems,our own country ??

3- The answer is offcourse a BIG "NOOOOOO"

4- so what is next ??how we can motivate the people to invest ?? The answer is only & only to think positively and show them our positive things..

5-Therefore, we ALL should think always positive and show & portraite positive things of our own people,our own institutions,our own departmetns,our own country.

6- This is the only way to move forward and to motivate our own people and others to invest.

7- therefore let us ALL change perception from negative to positive from now onwards..

8- We are ONE NATION,we LOVE Pakistan more than our blood.

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