I-12 cda

Is i-12 is a save investment for 1 year...

sir jee prices in I-12 have increased considerably in the recent few months... So if there will be some HILL JULL from CDA, then things will move in positive direction, otherwise, I see decline in prices.... The rest Allah knows better about future.


Thnx Mr.Khan

today they launch PHA Flats there???u know??

PHA website states launch of booking for PHA Flats in I12

Booking fee is 25000 with 20% deduction for unsuccessful applicants, but didn't state any thing about the price tag.

Fingers Crossed.

Its not booking price dear its registration fee.

This looks good positive news…

Any idea about Total price and payment plan?

Flates project facts and consequences

Price is expected very high and these people are very corrupt. Recently they launch booking of flates in price range of 67 lac in I-16 for walfare of govt employees. Walfare!!!!

Now those flates in I-12 hv 950sqft area and expected price will be in the range of I-16 or higher.

The PHA foundation may collect healthy amounts and a dummy launch to digust what collected in the name of registration. Please note the tenure left behind is not sufficient to complete this project . I think this is " looto or phootoo". They launch membership drive two times in last 10 years and given nothing to them.

The NAB has raided CDA office yesterday to prob some kind of frauds in I -12. I do not know details but be carefull while doing sale purchase to avoid any frauds. May be some bogus allotments as people approaches NAB to intrvene.

I-12 is good investment opertunity as rate in I-10 is 10 to 15lac per marla. But rate in in I -12 are 5-6 lac. Roads are under construction now with consistant pace.

My guess is that rate of these flats will be 40 lac per unit. My estimation is based on rates of I-16/3 flats of A,B,C type which are recently announced by PHA.

@Nasir05 bhai that roads construction started there few months ago but now a days it is stopped. Reason i not know.

Are PHA apartments transferable? I mean, if someone is not successful in balloting, can he still buy from a successful applicant?

Ali sb

Situation will be clear after registration.20%deduction shows some trap and bad intentions of managment jut to grap extra money as no good project by pha recently.

My detail post is held regarding prices.

I am expecting some thing in range of 50 to 60 lac for general public. Minimum price in i-16 flat offered to govt employees are 47 lac. Now compare location and prices.

Yes flates are transferable and sale purchase is permissible espacially launched to general public.

What is the current situation regarding development?

Development currently almost zero

  1. Can anybody knows payment plan for apartments if anyone got successful in the balloting?

To me it is government scheme so i'm expecting lower rates as compared to private housing schemes. What do you say?

Its kind of strange to invite people to registration without disclosing the price. What if I am successful but price does't suit me?

Price should be made public before registration.

Muhammad Usman Sb, prices will be on higher side.. See prices of their flats announced in I-16.

Salik Sb, they are copying the BT, I guess... Saari game paisay ki hy, k kis thrah loagon ko bewakoof bna lain.


What about Capital Square in B-17? Isn’t it better option than PHA I-16 Apartments, almost within the same budget?

Both are long term projects and expansive in present scenario. But multi apartment has higher scope and may reach in five years to level where PHA might reach in 10 years. In term of quality and maintenance multi is much better. The direct Gt road access and MA will add value in near future to capital square. Only disadvantage may be Dusty environment in area due to near by crushing site. May end one-day.

Other problem of B-17 is that it is away 20 KMs as compared to I-12. It depends from people to people, for some it may not be big deal.

some people may argue that after Margalla Avenue, the distance of B-17 may reduce. But it depends on one has to go which area. And if someone has to go on pindi side / saddar etc then Margalla Avenue has of no use.