I-14/ I-16 Islamabad And New Islamabad Airport.... Any Link?

Will new airport have impact on these sector prices and how they will be linked to new airport? I have heard a rumor that airport road proposed will pass these sectors.


more or less, the prices in the real estate sector of Pakistan are rising, so why not in the mentioned two localities.

Rest ALLAH knows better.

regards, zain Nadeem

My main point is there any chance of rapid price hike as in the case of B17 because house construction is also getting pace specially in i14 gas connections is also expected soon do these factors will matter.

I don't think there would be a sudden jump in the near future, very few houses are built there so I don't think there will be any gas supply there until a lot more houses are built there, but in 3-5 years I think prices could well increase significantly, especially if approach to the area is improved.

I don't see any sudden jump in the near future.....

Yes they will appreciate at normal pace

Any news about the airport road.

Gas pipeline work has finished in i14. Also road project will start soon so prices will jump by dec 2014

@ asif how will the work start when the tender has been cancelled??

See this link for updated info about Road Link to new Islamabad Airport.


Aoa, as its clear that airport will get access through Kashmir highway, what you seniors think about investing in I-16 at this time.