I16 v/s I12

Which sector is better for investment for 3 to 5 years i16 or i12 budget 3 million

Dear Ali,

As i told you before in your budget I-16 is much better option.


Anybody knows the actual rates for 5 marla? Also when will development restart?

Junaid if u get 5 marla in 1-16 in between 20 & 21 lacks then it will be a good deal. I-16 is already developed and possession had been given long ago in 2009.

Sorry junaid this price range is for I-16/3. Sub sector 2 and 4 will be higher.

Thanks but I need rates for 5 marla in I-12

In i12 5 marla plots prices between 30 to 34 depend on location

@ Naveed / Ali: What are the prices of 8 marla in i-16?

What about NUST Road plots? Please someone give me the rates for those.

Salam All, I already have a plot in I-12. What do you experts suggest, should I sell it or wait ?

I have now around 80 - 90 Lakh and I want to invest it in multiple pieces i.e. to buy small plots in different sectors.

I am not hungry for profits right now and can wait for 4-5 years. Please guide.

Is it to keep an i-12 plot or sell it and buy in i-16?

If you can wait for 4-5 years than I-12 can give you much better return due to its location. My suggestion is to keep I-12 plot but if you have some money than invest in I-16 as well.

I16 may be good and short term.

CDA won’t develop I-12 since IJP road is very much crowded with heavy traffic. It won’t be developed until traffic is diverted towards ring road. Let’s say work on ring road is started today it will take 3-4 years in complete then add some more years after that too. Don’t know why so many people investing in I-12.

After the completion of the metro, CDA will make a road between Kashmir highway service road and I-16. Secondly, after the inauguration of Airport and announcement of ring road societies like CBR2, FOECHS & university town will definitely go up taking I-16 with them.

As i always said I-14 and I-16 both are with CDA tag with rise in near future.At the moment all over market is down and this is the time to purchase.Still reasonable option for investors.


How will garbage electricity generation plant if installed in 1-17 effect i-16 ?


It depends on when the plan materializes...

The news says I-17 is seen as an industrial sector by CDA. Can be positive for neighboring sectors in terms of Access and Infrastructure development.

On the other end, industry in Pakistan brings along Noise and Pollution. It depends what sort of industries will be there. Thats a long term plan anyway. In a market that is driven by the fact of location/roads mostly this can be a positive thing to happen....

ps: a personal view

In my own view it will effect in negative way for the actual buyer who intends to build a house and live there… As industrial pollution aint no good for the residents living right next sector and im not sure what kind of pollution such kind of plant emits some one with knowledge of it bmight shed their opinion regarding this

Yeps agree with Fizban, I am living in I-10 that is next to the industrial estate so its a horrible experience. There is permanent smog in the winter evenings, so many steel mill are there in the industrial area and every house in my area facing throat infections and breathing problems specially the children.