Investing in Gujranwala

I came to know about Zameen organising an Open house event in Gujranwala. I want to know if it will be beneficial to attend? Can I find investment worthy projects? What projects will be on display? Are the projects just from Gujranwala or nearby cities as well?

as someone who has attended some of their event, they are actually helpful
not only because they have numerous projects but also because you get to have free consultation and talk to realtors and developers. then decide if you want to invest.


A friend of mine went to this event. It was an extremely well-managed gathering. His experience was so delightful. It was the very first-of-its-kind real estate affair in the city. He got a chance to interact with the developers of City Galleria. He was so inspired by the scope and investment potential of the project that he is now planning to invest in it. I was also really amazed to hear about this project. Sounds like a promising investment opportunity. It’s a truly remarkable addition to Gujranwala’s City Housing Scheme