Investing in lahore for good roi

I am interested in investing in lahore. A guy i know well told me that park view villas is a good place for profitable return, but i'm still confused as i've also heard that lake city is also a good project considering their goodwill. But all the rumors and advices, i want an expert view and guidance of the esteemed members of the forum and apart from all the perks and setbacks of the above two societies, do mention if there are any other societies of same level. I would like to tell that i am an overseas pakistani and currently living in bahria, if there are any prospects of lucrative roi in bahria town then do mention them too. I was never interested in investing in dha, as it is near the airport, making it hectic to go there for any task, same goes for state life housing. But i've heard that dha rahbar is somewhat close to my locality too, but i don't know if there's some juice still remaining in it or if it has already matured.
Do share your knowledge, so i can't make a good deal.